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(physicist, agent provocateur?, infiltrator?)
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Alma materOxford University/Hertford College, University of Oxford/St John's College
SpouseWilliam Binney
Interests • MI5
• MI6
• directed energy weapons
• 5G
• Supranational Deep State
Reportedly engaged in conflict with intelligence agencies. As well as calling for exposure of the Deep State, she has repeatedly called for violence against those involved in it, leading former supporters to view her as an agent provocateur and infiltrator.

Employment.png Particle Physicist

In office
2008 - 2010
Preceded byKatherine Horton

Dr. Katherine Horton (birth name unknown) is a German physicist who reports that she is in conflict with intelligence agencies after carrying what she terms a "systems analysis research into the English legal system" while studying physics at St John's College, Oxford. She reports that she "survived several assassination attempts" and assault by Directed Energy Weapons. Former co-workers have highlighted incongruities between her deeds and actions, her self-promotion and especially rejected her calls for violent action against individuals.[1] She married William Binney in 2021.[2][3][4]


The personal details section of Katherine Horton's business registration, from, a document on her website. Her original name, as well as date and place of birth are redacted for unexplained reasons.

Independent information on Katherine Horton's background is lacking. Her website states that she left Romania age 9 for Germany. She reports that in Romania, her family were "a prime target of the Secret Service thugs as they were highly educated and refused to take part in the snitching and informant criminality that was used by the mob networks of the Secret Services to take over the society in Romania."[5] She then studied particle physics at undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. level at St John's College, Oxford. She reports that she was overtly stalked by older men in her first week as an undergraduate.[5]


Katherine Horton reports that she attended Berezovsky v Abramovitch (31 Oct 2011 – 15 Jan 2012) where she met Jonathan Sumption QC, barrister of Abramovitch.

She reports that in early November 2011 as she "was attending a High Court case in London as part of her systems analysis research into the English legal system, MI5 openly stalked her home from court and placed a thug to wait for her outside her home every morning to follow her to the train station."[6]

Katherine Horton's Patreon page reports that "Her court case was sabotaged by the Defendants and then terminated by Judge Holgate. She was nearly killed during that period."

Katherine Horton founded a website entitled Stop007.org. As well as Private Eye, Katherine Horton names Luke Harding and Stefan Buchen as two journalists who were uninterested to pursue her accusations.[7]

2018 "Fall From Grace"

A screenshot from a video Thomas McFarlane entitled Dr Katherine Horton's Fall From Grace[8]

In 2018, Horton was locked out the last episode of her Tech Crime Fighters Forum by her co-broadcasters uneasy about her repeated incitements to violence.[8]

Katherine Horton made a number of podcast and interviews, including with Bill Binney. On the Richie Allen Show, on which she claimed the Secret Services assaulted her with Directed Energy Weapons. By this means she established contact with "several other women, including Karen Melton-Stewart, who had worked almost 30 years for the NSA and had become a whistleblower about internal corruption."[5]

Later activities

Katherine Horton continued her activities and website after her 2018 "fall from grace". Her Twitter account was suspended between December 2018 and July 2019.[9][10] Her Patreon page claimed in July 2019 that she "has survived several assassination attempts. Like all of her team members, she has been covertly implanted with microchips and other military biotechnology by the Secret Services, and has been used for illegal non-consensual human experimentation for over a decade. Several people around her have been murdered by the Secret Services." She has also reported being targeted with Directed Energy Weapons. In spring 2016, she sought "an emergency injunction from the London High Court against British Intelligence."[6] She reports that she was a victim of an attempted assassination. She writes that she is "investigating crimes committed with Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro- and Biotechnology and Systemic Corruption.[6]


By 2 August 2019, Katherine Horton had 183 patrons on Patreon, out of a goal of 500 that she estimated would allow her to work full time on her projects.[11] On 2 September 2020, she had 187.

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