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BornNew York City
Alma materDuke University
Founder ofLiberty Blitzkrieg
Former Lehman Brothers trader. As he started to educate himself about how the monetary and financial system functions, it started to disgust him, and he founded the website Liberty Blitzkrieg.

Not to be confused with Brazilian-US billionaire Michel Krieger who co-founded Instagram.

Michael Krieger is the creator and editor of the independent media Liberty Blitzkrieg.

Then of course there is the top of the power pyramid in today’s world. At the apex lies the Central Bankers (Planners) of the world. There is no group of people toward whom I feel more disdain. I firmly believe they must face trial for crimes against humanity once their twisted game of oligarch wealth aggregation blows up. This group of people literally control the entire global economy via their privilege to print however much currency they want whenever they want to. This is a group of insanely egotistical maniacs who think they can excel model and print the world into utopia. In reality, they are merely transferring what is left of the middle class’ wealth into the pockets of the super rich who use 0% money to engage in leveraged speculation on financial assets and then get bailed out by the taxpayer when their bets fail.[1]


Krieger is originally from New York City. He attended college at Duke University where he did a double major in Economics and Spanish. After completing the studies in 2000, he took a job at Lehman Brothers where he worked with the Oil analyst in the Equity Research Department. In 2005, he joined Sanford C. Bernstein where he was Commodities Analyst on the trading floor.[2]

While working there, he started writing opinions on bigger picture "macro" topics that no one else at the firm was covering. These opinion pieces were extremely popular throughout the global investment community, and he traveled around providing advice to some of the largest mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds in the world.[2]

Liberty Blitzkrieg

As he started to educate himself about how the monetary and financial system functions, it started to disgust him. He no longer felt satisfied working within the industry, and he resigned in January 2010., and relocated to Boulder, Colorado.[2] He founded Liberty Blitzkrieg in early 2012.

The internet in its current form is dying — it has been for some time, — yet it is far from dead. We all continue to use our Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon products even though we know we shouldn’t. We’ve all become hostages to convenience and now an omnipresent sword of cancel culture hangs over our collective heads. As such, we have some important decisions to make. We can choose to constantly alter our minds and speech to conform to a growing mob of ridiculousness, or we can fix the internet itself.


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Bashar al Assad
Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
Theodore Postol
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