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A list of Bilderberg participants from outside Europe or North America

Very few Bilderberg guests have nationalities outside Europe or North America.


Richard GnoddeSouth Africa
March 1960Multi millionaire South African money man. Attended his first Bilderberg in 2019
Dambisa MoyoZambia2 February 1969Goldman Sachs, World Bank, double Bilderberger
Tidjane ThiamFrance
Côte d'Ivoire
29 July 1962Former CEO of Swiss bank Credit Suisse, with many connections. African Union Special Envoy on Covid-19


Fu YingChinaJanuary 1953Double Bilderberger Chinese ambassador to the UK
Yiping HuangChinaChinese Triple Bilderberger academic
Zafrulla KhanPakistan6 February 18931 September 1985Proponent of Pakistan, Bilderberger
He LiuChina25 January 1952Chinese economist/politician who attended the 2014 Bilderberg
Yongtu LongChina1943Chief negotiator of China's accession to WTO in 2001. Visitor to the 2004 Bilderberg.
Cui TiankaiChinaOctober 1952Attended the 2017 Bilderberg as Chinese Ambassador to the United States
Fareed ZakariaIndia20 January 1964The only Indian Bilderger
Yi ZhangChinaChinese financier, Goldman Sachs, attended the 2006 Bilderberg


Neil BrownAustralia22 February 1940An Australian politician who attended the 1972 Bilderberg
Edward LittlejohnAustralia
19171993Little known advertising executive and US organiser of the second and fourth Bilderberg meetings
Andrew LiverisAustralia5 May 1954Dow Chair and CEO, member of the Australian Covid task force
Mike MooreNew Zealand28 January 19492 February 2020New Zealand Labour leader who became leader of the World Trade Organization, attended the 2000 Bilderberg.
Robert O'NeillAustralia6 November 1936Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies for 5 years
Keith OfficerAustralia2 October 188921 June 1969One of the founders of the Australian Foreign Service. Single Bilderberg.
Clifton WebbNew Zealand8 March 18896 February 1962Attended the fourth Bilderberg as New Zealand High commissioner to the United Kingdom
Alan WestermanAustralia25 March 191318 May 2001
James WolfensohnAustralia
1 December 193325 November 2020Australian/US dual national, President of the World Bank, Bilderberg steering committee

South America

Gustavo CisnerosVenezuela1 June 1945Venezuelan media mogul
Pedro Pablo KuczynskiPeru3 October 1938Bankster who attended the 1988 Bilderberg as an ex Peruvian Minister of Energy and Mines. Later President of Peru. Resigned after certain videos were released.
Moisés NaímVenezuela5 July 1952One of only a handful of Bilderbergers from outside Europe and North America.
Mauricio RojasSweden
28 June 1950Chilean born Swedish politician. Attended the 1999 Bilderberg meeting as leader of the neoliberal think tank Timbro. Prominent in immigrant integration questions for the Liberal Party.
Juan Tomas de SalasSpain
30 April 193822 August 2000Liberal Spanish journalist and editor. His magazine was one of the most prestigious and widely read liberal publication in Spain during the Spanish Transition in the late 1970s.