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(spook, academic?, islamophobe?, “terror expert”)
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BornGorka Sebestyén Lukács
22 October 1970
NationalityBritish, Hungarian, US
Alma materHeythrop College, University of London, Corvinus University of Budapest
SpouseKatharine Gorka
US/UK/Hungarian who became a public figure in Hungary as a "terrorism expert" after 9-11. Contact of Chris Donnelly.

Dr Sebastian Gorka is a British Hungarian "terror expert". As of February 2020 had a long section entitled "controversy" on his Wikipedia page. His was the first name listed on Chris Donnelly's Washington DC Schedule.

Family Background

Sebastian's father, Pál Gorka, was member of the Hungarian right-wing group Vitezi Rend, during WW2 listed by the US State Department as an organization "under the direction of the Nazi government of Germany." [1]. After the war, he worked for British intelligence, presumably inherited from Nazi spymaster Wilhelm Höttl's Balkans network, until he was sentenced to ten years prison in Hungary in 1950. Pál Gorka eventually ended up in exile in London.

As often happens, these intelligence ties might have been passed on from father to son, especially through exile-Hungarian organizations (in this case Vitezi Rend) that collaborated closely with Western intelligence agencies during the Cold War.


During his university years, Sebastian Gorka claimed to be a reserve member of the British Army's counter-terrorism unit, but did not deal with actual intelligence. In any case, contrary to Gorka's claim, the official name of the unit in question was " UK Territorial Army, Intelligence Corps ". Elsewhere, he claimed that the focus of his action was to assess the threat posed by the Irish Republican terrorists.[2]

In 1992, he moved to Hungary, where he worked for the Hungarian Ministry of Defence during the prime ministership of József Antall. He also studied for a master's degree in international relations and diplomacy at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, now known as the Corvinus University, which he completed in 1997. In 1997 he was a Partnership for Peace International research fellow at the NATO Defense College in Rome.

Like his father, Sebastian is a member of Vitezi Rend.

"Terror expert"

Following the 9-11, Gorka became a public figure in Hungary as a television "terrorism expert". This led to his being asked in 2002 to serve as an official expert on the parliamentary investigatory committee created to uncover the Communist background and alleged counterespionage of the new Hungarian Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy. Gorka failed to obtain the necessary security clearance from the National Security Office to serve on the committee, apparently because he was widely regarded as a spy working for British counterintelligence.


In August 2016, he joined The Institute of World Politics, a private institution, on a full-time basis as Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare and Vice President for National Security Support.

Sebastian Gorka was scheduled to have breakfast with Chris Donnelly, (director of the Institute for Statecraft), the first meeting listed on Chris Donnelly's Washington DC Schedule.

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