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Group.png University College London  
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Abbreviation UCL
Motto Cuncti adsint meritaeque expectent praemia palmae
Type Public research university
Headquarters London, UK


Alumni on Wikispooks

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab22 December 1986EngineerThe Underwear bomber
Alex Allan9 February 1951UKCivil servant
Ken Follett5 June 1949UKAuthor
Thayne ForbesJune 1938Judge
Peter Goldsmith5 January 1950Lawyer
Chaim Herzog17 September 191817 April 1997Politician
Brynmor John18 April 193413 December 1988Politician
Melanie Johnson5 February 1955UK
John Killick18 November 191912 February 2004Diplomat
Nicholas Kollerstrom13 December 1946UKAuthor
Nick Kollerstrom13 December 1946Author
Fiona Mactaggart12 September 1953UKPolitician
Alison McGovern30 December 1980Chair
Chair of the Advisory Committee on Works of Art
Member of Parliament for Wirral South
Southwark Borough Councillor for Brunswick Park ward
Tom McNally20 February 1943UKLobbyist
Kwame Nkrumah18 September 190927 April 1972Politician
Jacek Rostowski30 April 1951Economist
Daniel R. Russel12 December 1953
Patricia Scotland19 August 1955Lawyer
Charles Tannock25 September 1957PoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Jenny Tonge19 February 1941
Sharon WhiteUKEconomist
Richard WhittamLawyerA prosecuting counsel experienced at handling major cases, with a track record of working for the UK intelligence agencies, security cleared "to the highest level". In June 2014, he claiming that "clearly exceptional circumstances" meant that a major terrorist case should be held in secret without the public being informed of the defendants' names.
John Whittingdale16 October 1959UKPolitician
Iain Wright9 May 1972UKPolitician
Pierre Wunsch12 December 1967Belgium
'Bat Ye'or'1933UKAuthor
Nadhim Zahawi2 June 1967UK