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Concept.png Polarising perspective 

A Polarising perspective is one which has the effect of polarising people, i.e. promoting divergence and away from conciliation and common ground.



Page nameTypeDateAuthor(s)Subject(s)Description
"Antisemitism"An etymological misnomer with no substantive meaning. In current widespread use to demonise people deemed to be threatening to cherished Judaic official narratives and to close down rational debate. A more accurate description of those it is applied to would be "people who Jews don't like"
"Counter-terrorism"A component of the military-industrial-terrorism-congressional complex which has seen a dramatic growth since 9-11.
"Fake News""Fake news website" is a meme started after the 2016 US election, to disparage websites that dissent from the opinions expressed by commercially-controlled media.
"Security service"The phrase "security service" is used to describe groups which, often explicitly exempt from national laws, carry out not only intelligence gathering operations, but also assassinations and murders. This article clarifies why the phrase "security service" is not used in this way on this website.
"Terrorism"Those atrocities which are not committed by governments.
Cold War
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