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The political spectrum is a model which attempts to simplify the relationship between political ideologies.

Conventional usage

Although more complex, (multi-dimensional) usages are possible, the traditional representation is to classify political ideologies on a single dimension, from 'left' (communist, socialist) to right (conservative, fascist).


The 'political spectrum' concept although popular with commercially-controlled media is is understood to be a polarising oversimplification; although left and right are opposites in a physical sense, they are clearly not in a political sense.

“The right is cast as wanting little to no government, while the left advocates for big government. But upon closer examination, this doesn’t hold up: both the left and right seem to want big government; the question is, where?

The right traditionally wants a large military and ever increasing defense budgets, while the left favors domestic entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Those not wishing to get caught in this perilous conflict don’t really have a spot on the traditional political spectrum because it only offers a binary choice.”

Jimmy Falls (26 March 2017)  - [1]

Extra dimension(s)

One popular refinement of the one-dimensional concept of the political spectrum is to add a second dimension corresponding to the relationship between the individual to the state. Libertarian David Nolan introduced the Nolan Chart, which uses an X-axis defined as “Economic Freedom” and a Y-axis as “Personal Freedom”.[2]

Deep political perspective

Wikispooks generally rejects the claim that modern nation states are democratic in that they faithfully represent the will of the people.


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