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Media moguls control large amounts of old media.



Page nameBornDiedSummaryDescription
Roger Ailes15 May 194018 May 2017Media mogul
Israel Asper11 August 19327 October 2003Lawyer
Media mogul
Carlo De Benedetti14 November 1934Media mogul
Silvio Berlusconi29 September 1936Politician
Media mogul
Dinc BilginMedia mogul
Conrad Black25 August 1944Journalist
Media mogul
Fraudulent Bilderberg steering committee member
Artyom Borovik13 September 19609 March 2000Journalist
Media mogul
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
A Russian journalist who was interested in the Russian apartment bombings.
Juan Luis Cebrián30 October 1944Editor
Media mogul
Richard Desmond8 December 1951Media mogul
Gustavo Cisneros1 June 1945Media mogul
Alfred Harmsworth15 July 186514 August 1922Media mogul
Harold Sidney Harmsworth26 April 186826 November 1940Media mogul
Jonathan Harmsworth3 December 1967Media mogul
Robert Maxwell10 June 19235 November 1991Spook
Media mogul
Deep state operative
A media mogul and possible spook who reportedly fell overboard
Rupert Murdoch11 March 1931Media mogulAustralian American media mogul and business magnate.
Jesus de PolancoMedia mogul
Gerd Schulte-Hillen1 October 1940Media mogul
A media mogul who attended Le Cercle.
Campbell Stuart5 July 188514 September 1972Spook
Media mogul
Barclay brothers27 October 1934Media mogul


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