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MottoDeus Nobis Fiducia
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Alumni on Wikispooks

Huma Abedin28 July 1976Deep state actorHillary Clinton's "right-hand woman", 7th floor group, kept Hillary posted about Laura Silsby. Exposed after her emails were recovered by the FBI during a probe about her husband's sexting minors.
Luciana BorioUS
CFR, Biodefense expert, named to Biden's Covid Task force
Thomas Bossert1974Spook
"Terror expert"
Former US/Homeland Security Advisor
Hank Brown12 February 1940
Stephen BurnsLawyerUS lawyer and former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Morris Busby15 March 1938"Coordinator for Counterterrorism", US Ambassador to Colombia
Alexander Butterfield6 April 1926Spook
The spook who installed the taping system for Richard Nixon.
Floyd Clarke7 January 1942SpookBriefly acting FBI Director under Bill Clinton.
Chuck Colson16 October 193121 April 2012LawyerIndicted for conspiring to cover up the Watergate burglaries
John Foster Dulles25 February 188824 May 1959Diplomat
Deep politician
US lawyer turned deep politician, brother of Allen Dulles
Sibel Edmonds18 January 1970Iran
Sibel Edmonds was recruited by the FBI as a translator in the wake of 9/11. She quickly turned whistleblower when she discovered security breaches, cover-ups and malpractice at numerous levels. The US government has made her "the most gagged person in the history of the United States".
Saagar EnjetiPolitical podcaster
Mark Esper26 April 1964USmilitary-industrial complex lobbyist and defense minister
Mark Felt17 August 191318 December 2008Spook
'Deep throat'
The supposed true identity of 'deep throat', who played a part in the Watergate Coup.
J. William Fulbright9 April 19059 February 1995USPoliticianThe longest serving chairman in the history of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
L. Patrick Gray18 July 19166 July 2005SpookActing Director of the FBI
Bunny GreenhouseUSWhistleblowerExposed corruption in Halliburton. Awarded $970,000.
Juan Guaidó28 May 1983
Richard HeidemanLawyer
Heather Higginbottom15 July 1972Deep state operative
J. Edgar Hoover1 January 18952 May 1972Deep politician
US Deep politician whose position as long time FBI head allowed him to make extensive use of sexual blackmail.
Mary Jo Jacobi7 December 1951US
Assistant US Secretary of Commerce
David E. Jeremiah25 February 19347 October 2013MarinerColin Powell’s “indispensable right-hand man”
John Jones (lawyer)14 June 196718 April 2016UKLawyerAssange lawyer who jumped in front of train
David Kennedy21 July 19051 May 1996USDiplomatChicago banker, Secretary of the Treasury and NATO ambassador under Nixon, with hints at deep state connections.
Mustafa Koç29 October 196021 January 2016TurkeyBusinesspersonTurkish businessman. Attended all Bilderbergs from 2004 until his death in 2016
John Michael McConnell26 July 1943Spook
Deep state operative
NSA director, then Vice Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton - "The perfect embodiment of the revolving door" in Washington.
James W. McCord26 June 1924Spook
Deep state actor
A watergate burglar, CIA, FBI
Judy MikovitsAuthor
Robert Murphy28 October 18949 January 1978USDiplomat
Deep state operative
Bilderberg Steering committee
Piroska Nagy-MohacsiDecember 1957HungaryAcademicInstitute for Statecraft director/trustee
Tara O'TooleUSSpook
A fellow bioweapons expert stated 'she makes Dr. Strangelove seem sane'.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis28 July 192919 May 1994
Franklin D. Raines14 January 1949USBusinesspersonPanelist for the discussion on 'Corporate Governance: Does Capitalism Need Fixing?' at the 2002 Bilderberg. "Early retirement" in 2004 after abetting widespread accounting irregularities at Fannie Mae. One of the "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis" in 2008.
Michael Ratney1961DiplomatUS envoy on Syria kicked out for not being friendly to Israel.
Syngman Rhee26 March 187519 July 1965Politician
John F. W. Rogers15 April 1956USSpook
Deep politician
Deep politician, Goldman Sachs and Atlantic Council
Mikheil Saakashvili21 December 1967Politician
Mary Schapiro19 June 1955
Joanna Shields12 July 1962US
UK Prime Minister's Special Representative on Internet Safety
Glenn Simpson22 April 1964Journalist
Gregory B. Starr3 February 1953USDiplomatDiplomat with long time service with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service
Kenneth Starr21 July 1946Lawyerled Whitewater and Vince Foster investigations into Bill Clinton; also questioned the president on sex life
Roger Stone27 August 1952LobbyistA longtime advisor to Donald Trump.
Jennifer StoutDeep state functionaryUS deep state functionary and member of the 7th Floor Group
Chuck Todd8 April 1972Journalist
TV presenter
Clyde Tolson22 May 190014 April 1975Spook"Alter Ego" of his close friend FBI director J. Edgar Hoover
Kurt Volker1962Deep state operative
Elizabeth Warren22 June 1949Politician
US/2020 Presidential election/Candidates
Democratic Party politician who is the senior US Senator from Massachusetts.
Brian Williams5 May 1959USJournalistCorporate journalist nominated for fake news award
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