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Concept.png Le Cercle/Cover-up
Le Cercle remains very little exposed as of 2021.

Le Cercle remains very little exposed as of 2021, and has needed little cover-up as a result.

Name confusion

The group attempted to be a nameless, permanently off-the-record group, and has had various names over the years, including the "The Cercle", the "Pinay Group", the "Pinay Circle" and the "Cercle Pinay". Its short lived website called it the domain name atlanticcircle.com. This website has chosen the name "Le Cercle", which is probably the most widely used as of 2019.


The Wikipedia page, as of May 2019, was less than 3.5K (under 350 words). A link to this website was removed after 10 minutes by Wikipedia user Doug Weller,[1] who also removed the link to the list of Bilderberg participants.[2]

The Guardian

CAAT reported that The Guardian claimed that the group is not influential.[3]