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The Police Guard the 2012 Bilderberg
Date31 May 2012 - 3 June 2012
LocationChantilly,  Virginia,  U.S.A
ParticipantsHenri de Castries, Josef Ackermann, Marcus Agius, Fouad Ajami, Keith Alexander, Joaquín Almunia, Roger C. Altman, Luís Amado, Johan Andresen, Matti Apunen, Ali Babacan, Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Nicolas Baverez, Christophe Béchu, Philippe Maria, Enis Berberoğlu, Franco Bernabè, Nick Boles, Jonas Bonnier, Svein Richard Brandtzæg, Oscar Bronner, Gunilla Carlsson, Mark Carney, Juan Luis Cebrián, Willibald Cernko, Pierre André de Chalendar, Jeppe Christiansen, Anatoly Chubais, W. Edmund Clark, Kenneth Clarke, Timothy C. Collins, Fulvio Conti, Mitchell Daniels, Christopher DeMuth, Thomas Donilon, Robert Dudley, John Elkann, Thomas Enders, J. Michael Evans, Werner Faymann, Ulrik Federspiel, Niall Ferguson, Douglas Flint, Ying Fu, Paul Gallagher, Dick Gephardt, Anastasios Giannitsis, Austan Goolsbee, Donald Graham, Lilli Gruber, Karel de Gucht, Victor Halberstadt, Britt Harris, Reid Hoffman, Yiping Huang, Jon M. Huntsman Jr, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor S. Ivanov, Erik Izraelewicz, Kenneth M. Jacobs, James A. Johnson, Vernon Jordan, Alexander Karp, Alexander Karsner, Anousheh Karvar, Garry Kasparov, John Kerr, John Kerry, E. Fuat Keyman, Henry Kissinger, Klaus Kleinfeld, Mustafa Koç, Roland Koch, Bassma Kodmani, Henry R. Kravis, Marie-Josée Kravis, Neelie Kroes, Fred Krupp, Pascal Lamy, Enrico Letta, Ariel E. Levite, Cheng Li, John Lipsky, Andrew N. Liveris, Peter Löscher, William J. Lynn, Peter Mandelson, Jessica T. Mathews, Jacob Mchangama, Frank McKenna, Kenneth B. Mehlman, John Micklethwait, Thierry de Montbrial, Jorge Moreira da Silva, Craig J. Mundie, Matthias Nass, Máxima_Zorreguieta_Cerruti, Juan María Nin Génova, Michael Noonan, Peggy Noonan, Jorma Ollila, Peter R. Orszag, Dimitri Papalexopoulos, Alexander Pechtold, Richard Perle, Paul Polman, J. Robert S. Prichard, Itamar Rabinovich, Gideon Rachman, Steven Rattner, Alison M. Redford, Heather Reisman, Wolfgang Reitzle, Kenneth S. Rogoff, Charlie Rose, Dennis B. Ross, Jacek Rostowski, Robert Rubin, Mark Rutte, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón, Paul Scheffer, Eric E. Schmidt, Rudolf Scholten, Jean-Dominique Senard, David Shambaugh, Josette Sheeran, Risto Siilasmaa, Jerry Speyer, Pietro Supino, Peter D. Sutherland, Peter A. Thiel, Serpil Timuray, Jürgen Trittin, Loukas Tsoukalis, Jutta Urpilainen, Daniel L. Vasella, Pierre Vimont, Peter Voser, Jacob Wallenberg, Kevin Warsh, Martin H. Wolf, James D. Wolfensohn, Nigel S. Wright, Daniel Yergin, Robert B. Zoellick
PerpetratorsBilderberg/Steering committee
Witnessed byVendeline von Bredow, Adrian Wooldridge
Interest ofShepard Ambellas
DescriptionThe 58th Bilderberg, in Chantilly, Virginia. Unusually just 4 years after an earlier Bilderberg meeting there.
Henry Kissinger leaving the 2012 Bilderberg Meeting

The 2012 Bilderberg Meeting was the 58th such meeting and had participants from European countries, the United States and Canada. It was held at the same place as the 2008 Bilderberg, the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, USA. The 145 guests included 47 business executives, 30 politicians, 12 financiers, 14 editors/journalists and 11 academics. The next meeting was the 2013 Bilderberg.


The 2012 Bilderberg Agenda has not been leaked, but the website at Bilderberg Meetings has posted an agenda.

1. The State of Trans-Atlantic Relations

2. Is Vigorous Economic Growth Attainable?

3. The Future of Democracy in the Developed World

4. The US Political Landscape

5. The European Political Landscape

6. A Conversation on US Foreign Policy

7. The Politics and Geo-Politics of Energy

8. Stability and Instability in the Middle East

9. Imbalances, Austerity and Growth

10. Sustainability of the Euro and its Consequences

11. What Does Putin 2.0 Mean?

12. What Can the West Do about Iran?

13. How Do Sovereign States Collaborate in Cyber Space?

14. China's Economic and Political Outlook


Known Participants

142 of the 145 of the participants already have pages here:

Josef AckermannChairman of Deutsche Bank, G30, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Marcus AgiusBilderberg trustees, Chairman of Barclays and of the British Bankers Association
Fouad AjamiTriple Bilderberg "terror expert"
Keith B. AlexanderChief of the NSA, now infamous for his mendacious denials regarding the illegal mass surveillance of US citizens.
Joaquín AlmuniaSpanish politician, European Commissioner for 10 years, 6 Bilderbergs
Roger AltmanUS Banker, Bilderberg Steering Committee
Luís AmadoPortuguese politician who attended the 2012 Bilderberg
Johan AndresenSecond generation Bilderberger businessman billionaire.
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría AntónDeputy Prime Minister of Spain until the day she attended the 2018 Bilderberg
Matti ApunenHexabilderberg Finnish business lobbyist
Ali Babacan8 times Bilderberg visitor, Turkish politician
Francisco Balsemão>30 Bilderbergs, Bilderberg Steering committee, Prime Minister of Portugal
Nicolas BaverezBilderberg Steering committee. French proponent of transatlantic neoliberal globalization. Believes that for the masses, "time freed up by shorter working hours means conjugal violence - and alcoholism on top of that."
Enis BerberoğluTurkish politician and journalist sentenced in 2017 to 25 years in prison on spying charges
Franco BernabèItalian banker and manager, Steering Committee of the Bilderberg
Nicholas BolesNotting Hill Set UK politician, Director of Policy Exchange
Jonas BonnierAttended the 2012 Bilderberg as Chief Executive Officer of Bonnier AB
Svein Richard BrandtzægMember of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Oscar BronnerAttended all Bilderbergs from 2005 to 2015.
Christophe BéchuSingle Bilderberg French politician who by 2022 had become Minister for Ecological Transition
Gunilla CarlssonAttended the 2012 Bilderberg as Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation. In 2021, framing vaccine passport discussion and on the board of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization.
Mark CarneyGoldman Sachs Governor of the Bank of Canada then the Bank of England, G30, Triple citizenship, No shortage of Bilderbergs or WEF Annual Meetings
Henri de Castries"French President of Bilderberg"
Juan Luis CebriánSpanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Willibald CernkoAustrian banker
Máxima Zorreguieta CerrutiDutch royalty
Pierre-André de ChalendarDouble Bilderberg French businessman.
Jeppe ChristiansenDanish financier, businessman
Anatoly ChubaisDouble Bilderberger facilitator of the privatization of Russia that killed millions. Central actor in the introduction of the Sputnik V "vaccine".
Edmund ClarkCanadian banker, 8 Bilderbergs
Kenneth ClarkeBilderberg Steering committee, The Other Club, UK politician. When former child actor Ben Fellows went public with accusations that Clarke had assaulted him, Fellows was prosecuted for "attempting to pervert the course of justice".
Timothy CollinsUs financier, attended all the Bilderberg meetings from 2003 to 2012
Fulvio ContiItalian financier. After attending the 2012 Bilderberg, elected as Confindustria/Vice president
Mitchell DanielsAttended the 2012 Bilderberg as Governor of Indiana
Christopher DeMuthPresident of the American Enterprise Institute.
Tom DonilonSpooky Bilderberger. Has advised the presidential campaigns of Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Joe Biden, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, designing policy, managing conventions, preparing candidates for debates, and overseeing presidential transitions. His brothers are also deep state operatives.
Robert DudleyBilderberger BP CEO & MD
John ElkannItalian/US billionaire businessman with heavy Bilderberg habit. 21st Century Council, European Round Table of Industrialists
Tom EndersAtlantik-Brücke, American Council on Germany/Young Leaders, Bilderberg/Steering committee, Munich Security Conference/Advisory Council ...
Michael EvansAttended the 2013 Bilderberg. Goldman Sachs for 20 years. independent director of the Barrick Gold Corporation.
Werner FaymannAustrian chancellor for 7.5 years
Ulrik FederspielDanish diplomat, Bilderberg Steering committee
Niall FergusonPoly Bilderberger Hoover Institution Fellow historian, WEF YGL 2005, attended the WEF/Annual Meeting/2020
Douglas J. FlintHSBC chair, multi-Bilderberg
Fu YingDouble Bilderberger Chinese ambassador to the UK. MSC regular.
Paul GallagherAttorney General of Ireland, 5 Bilderbergs
Dick GephardtUS politician-lobbyist
Anastasios GiannitsisGreek economist and politician.
Austan GoolsbeeSkull and Bones economist. Obama advisor. One of the WEF's 100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow. Fan of heavy COVID-19 bailouts
Donald GrahamSon of Katharine Graham, TLC, Facebook, 10 Bilderbergs
... further results



Vendeline von BredowMulti-Bilderberger journalist, member of the American Council on Germany's Young Leaders for 2009
Adrian WooldridgeUK journalist and columnist. Regular "observer" at the Bilderberg for The Economist.
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