Sandy Hook

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Event.png Sandy Hook  Rdf-icon.png
Date December 14, 2012
Location Sandy Hook,  Connecticut,  U.S.
Blamed on Adam Lanza
Type mass shooting
Deaths 28
Injured (non-fatal) 2
Interest of James H. Fetzer, Jon Rappoport, Ben Swann, James Tracy

Points of note

A 6-year-old, Noah Pozner, was allegedly one of the 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School shot dead by Adam Lanza on December 14, 2012. His photo was later used as that of a victim of the Peshawar massacre.[1]


James Fetzer believes that the attack was a false flag that used crisis actors to facilitate gun control.[2]

James Tracy highlights the research of retired school safety consultant, Wolfgang Halbig into several points of concern about the official narrative of into the alleged shooting.[3][4]


John Hickenlooper signed "landmark gun-control bills" in March 2013. Republican US Senator Greg Brophy remarked "We're all in shock here. It turns out this guy who everybody thought was a moderate Democrat is actually a gun-control governor."[5]



Sandy Hook14 December 2012

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The Official Culprit

Adam Lanza