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Odysee is an alt-tech video hosting platform.

Website.png https://odysee.com/  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Started: September 2020

Constitutes: Alt Tech,  p2p

Main focus: Free speech

Odysee is an alt-tech video hosting platform, built on a decentralized, blockchain-based network. It launched in September 2020.[1]

In December 2021 Rumble threatened to sue Odysee over one of their comments on Twitter regarding Rumble's traffic generation.[2][3] The team at Odysee possibly saw this reaction coming and did it anyway, to show a larger audience looking for Youtube alternatives the attitude of a company that sells itself as free-speech, but which may not live up to it already.

Storage vs. web access

Odysee uses a distributed storage system, which can not easily be censored. However, it is for practical reasons mostly usable through the web interface odysee.com where the only fast servers holding a complete copy of the distributed data is available. The platform uses this strong position for ads and manipulation of search results.

User contributions and possible attacks

To circumvent censorship, users had to install the native p2p client and contribute bandwidth to the net by active sharing. Further attack vectors: users may be scared away from sharing (i.e. Kazaa, Nebster, etc) or the network may be flooded with useless data (i.e freenet). P2p sharing might be too slow for streaming video.