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Interests • 9-11
• International Law
• “WMD”
• False flag attacks
A courageous and insightful commentator on the facade of rule by international law in the 21st century.


Amy Baker Benjamin received a law degree from the Yale Law School.


Benjamin is Lecturer in Public International Law at AUT University Law School. Her major research interests center on the evolution of the concept of state sovereignty from the Thirty Years’ War to the present and on the asymmetric aspects of the Laws of War as they relate to weapons of mass destruction.


Amy Baker Benjamin is a forceful advocate for an effective international law system, arguing that "at the end of the day, there simply is no substitute for the hangman’s noose of personal legal liability for individual statesmen who abuse the world’s humanitarian impulse and bring chaos down on innocent populations."[1]


Quotes by Amy Baker Benjamin

"Humanitarian intervention"“Humanitarian justification of intervention does not benignly shape hegemonic foreign policy or reduce inter-state bellicosity; rather, it inflames both.”2015To Wreck A State - The New International Crime
"National security"“We need to insist, as we insisted at Nuremberg, that no raison d'état is off-limits to public scrutiny, public criticism and public wrath.”27 September 2015To Wreck A State - The New International Crime
Nuremberg Trials“What the Americans and the British did at Nuremberg was deeply flawed but Nonetheless truly astonishing. They insisted – much to the surprise of the Nazi defendants and perhaps of humanity – that the de jure world of law and institutions really mattered; that the “Kellogg-Briand Pacts” and “Hague Conventions” of the world, if you will, would have the final say and the last laugh over the cynical de facto world of business-as-usual. At Nuremberg, evidence of pre-meditated aggressive intent was no longer ignored, nor jadedly accepted as an open secret. It was publicly denounced and criminally punished.”To Wreck A State - The New International Crime

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