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Group.png Markle Foundation  
Logo Markle Foundation.png
Founder• John Markle
• Mary R. Markle
HeadquartersNew York City
Membership• Suzanne N. Johnson
• Zoë Baird
• Steven Denning
• Cheryl C. Effron
• Margaret Hoover
• Christopher Howard
• Gilman Louie
• James Manyika
• Kathleen A. Murphy
• Herbert Pardes
• Stanley S. Shuman
• Gilman Louie
• Beth F. Cobert
• Denis McDonough
Its focus is technology, health care, and national security make it a suspected CIA front organization

Markle Foundation is a New York-based private foundation established in 1927 by American industrialist/financier John Markle and his wife, Mary. Its focus is technology, health care, and national security. With close ties to the intelligence services it is a suspected CIA front organization.

Zoë Baird, President of Markle since 1998, has "led broad collaborations to drive transformative change for the economic security, health, and national security". Previously, she directed Markle’s efforts to use information technology to reform the intelligence community "to meet current threats", and to drive improvements in the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care, work that led to passage of major federal laws and transformation of business practice. [1]


Formally incorporated on April 26, 1927,[2] as the John and Mary R. Markle Foundation,[3] the organization began by funding traditional social welfare programs as well as projects that focused on medicine and medical research. In 1969, Lloyd Morrisett, the Markle Foundation's president at that time, shifted the foundation's focus to mass communications in a democratic society.

In 1948, the Foundation established an award to assist qualified people wishing to remain in academic medicine.[4]


The board members (top,right) are from October 2021[5], plus some additional names. Former board member Gilman Louie worked/works for the CIA.

For fiscal year 2008, Ms Baird's compensation from this tax exempt charitable organization was recorded as $505,750.00, in the Form 990-PF filed by Markle.[6]



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Zoë BairdPresident1998Attended Bilderberg/2015


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Zoë BairdSpookily connected US lawyer
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