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A list of Spanish Bilderberg participants

60 Spanish visitors have attended the Bilderberg.

Julio AbreuSpainA witness of the 1988 Bilderberg, organizer of the 1989 Bilderberg.
Esperanza AguirreSpain3 January 1952President of Madrid who resigned after her right hand man was imprisoned
José Manuel AlbaresSpain22 March 1972Spanish diplomat and Foreign Minister. Bilderberg 2022.
César AliertaSpain5 May 1945Double Bilderberger Spanish businessman
Joaquín AlmuniaSpain17 June 1948Spanish politician, European Commissioner for 10 years, 6 Bilderbergs
Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría AntónSpain10 June 1971Deputy Prime Minister of Spain until the day she attended the 2018 Bilderberg
Inés ArrimadasSpain3 July 1981Catalonian nationalist politician, lawyer, Bilderberger
Enrique BaronSpain27 March 1944Spanish politician, economist, and lawyer.
Ana BotínSpain4 October 1960Head of Santander Group, who claimed that COVID-19 Vaccines are “the most effective 2021 economic policy.”
Guido BrunnerSpain
27 May 19302 December 1997Attended the 1980 Bilderberg as European Commissioner for Energy Research and Science
Pablo CasadoSpain1 February 1981Spanish Bilderberger politician
Juan Luis CebriánSpain30 October 1944Spanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
María Dolores de CospedalSpain13 December 1965Spanish politician
Miguel CuyaubéSpain8 June 1951Attended the 2009 Bilderberg as Spain's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Guillermo de la DehesaSpain9 July 1941Politician, then Goldman Sachs/International Advisors, Group of Thirty, Double Bilderberg
Carlos March DelgadoSpain1940Spanish banker and heir to the March family fortune. Grandson of Juan March. Chairman of the Spanish Group of the Trilateral Commission
Albert Rivera DíazSpain15 November 1979Spanish politician
José EntrecanalesSpain1 January 1963multi-millionaire businessman
Oscar FanjulSpain1949Chilean economist with US deep state connections. Goldman Sachs, CFR, 1990 Bilderberg
Rodrigo de Rato FigaredoSpain18 March 1949Bilderberg 1992, 1994, 2005 and 2007, embezzler, money laundering, IMF managing director, Panama Papers
Federico Trillo FigueroaSpain23 May 1952Spanish diplomat and politician, Opus Dei.
José Manuel García-MargalloSpain13 August 1944Attended the 2014 Bilderberg as Spain's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Miguel Sebastián GascónSpain13 May 1957Mooted for several top positions in the new PSOE government around 2005.
Felipe GonzalezSpain5 March 1942Attended the 1989 Bilderberg in Spain as Prime Minister of Spain
Bernardino León GrossSpain20 October 1964Spanish diplomat specializing in the Arab world who attended all Bilderbergs from 2006 to 2011
Luis de GuindosSpain16 January 1960Double Bilderberg Vice President of the European Central Bank
Juan María Nin GénovaSpain1953"Prestigious Spanish banker with great international influence". 5 Bilderbergs
Matías Rodríguez InciarteSpain23 March 1948Former Bilderberg Steering committee, Spanish banker and possibly deep politician
Manuel Fraga IribarneSpain23 November 192215 January 2012Member of both Le Cercle and the 1001 Club.
Pablo IslaSpain22 January 1964Chairman and CEO of Inditex (Zara) the largest clothes corporation in the world.
Fernando I. Gonzalez LaxeSpain6 September 1952Leader of the Spanish province of Galicia. Attended Bilderberg/1989 when it was held on La Toja Island in his province.
Francisco Luzon LopezSpain1 January 194817 February 2021Spanish banker who attended Bilderberg/1995 before in 1996 getting leading position in Banco Santander.
Luis GaricanoSpain1967In March 2020, proposed a 500 billion euro "COVID-19 bazooka for jobs in Europe"
Miguel Angel MartinezSpain30 January 1940Wrote a working paper for the discussion on The Soviet Union, The West And The Third World. A Case Study: Central America for the 1984 Bilderberg
Ramón de MiguelSpainPanelist at the 2002 Bilderberg.
Pedro Solbes MiraSpain31 August 1942Spanish economist who attended the 1999 and 2009 Bilderbergs
Javier MonzónSpainSpanish economist
Carlos NúñezSpain1974Spanish media executive
Julián Santamaría OssorioSpain
Loyola de PalacioSpain16 September 195013 December 2006Spanish politician who attended the 2004 Bilderberg
Ignacio PolancoSpain5 November 1954Spanish Bilderberg TLC media mogul
Jesus de PolancoSpain7 November 192921 July 2007Spanish billionaire media mogul.
Jordi PujolSpain9 June 1930Catalan (Spanish) politician
Eduardo Serra RexachSpain19 December 1946Spanish Minister of Defence 1996-2000, joined the Integrity Initiative Spanish Cluster
Joaquin Romero-MauraSpain1940
Don Juan Jose RoviraSpain192014 June 2007Spanish diplomat who led several round of negotiations with the U.S. over military bases in Spain. Attended Bilderberg 1978 as outgoing Ambassador to the United States.
Mariano RubioSpain14 November 19314 October 1999Governor of the Bank of Spain. Attended Bilderberg/1986. Delors committee. Jailed for fraud in 1996.
Juan Tomas de SalasSpain
30 April 193822 August 2000Liberal Spanish journalist and editor. His magazine was one of the most prestigious and widely read liberal publication in Spain during the Spanish Transition in the late 1970s.
Carlos Ferrer SalatSpain22 March 193118 October 1998Spanish businessman
Miguel Boyer SalvadorSpain5 February 193929 September 2014
Narcis SerraSpain30 May 1943Spanish politician and deep state actor. Directed extensive deep state - possibly Gladio-linked - surveillance apparatus. Deputy Prime Minister of Spain 1991-95. Mentioned by IfS.
Javier SolanaSpain14 July 1942Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO.
Ignacio Camuñas SolísSpain1 September 1940Spanish politician and editor
Juan Carlos I of SpainSpain5 January 1938
Queen Sofía of SpainSpain2 November 1938Spanish royal with penchant for Bilderbergs
Jaime Carvajal y UrquijoSpain9 June 1939Spanish Bilderberg steering committee member. Close to king Juan Carlos. Trilateral Commission.
Manuel VallsFrance
13 August 1962
Emilio de YbarraSpain9 November 193617 July 2019
Juan Antonio Yáñez-BarnuevoSpain15 February 1942Heptabilderberger Spanish secretary of State
José Luis Rodríguez ZapateroSpain4 August 1960Attended the 2010 Bilderberg as Prime Minister of Spain