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Person.png Rianne Siebenga LinkedInRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(Scientist, Terrorism expert, Deep state operative)
R. Siebeng2a.jpg
Mijdrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
ResidenceAmsterdam?,  Netherlands
Alma materUniversity of Groningen, University of Leiden
Member ofIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/Netherlands, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
Interests • National Security
• Counterterrorism
• “Fake News”
A secretive colleague of II-member Sijbren de Jong specialized in "counterterrorism".

Employment.png Senior Associate for Security,  Justice & Defence

In office
November 2017 - January 2021

Employment.png Assistant Analyst

In office
April 2017 - October 2017
EmployerThe Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
Deleted this from her LinkedIn.

Rianne Siebenga is a Dutch scientist specialized as "terrorism expert", who works for the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. Siebenga became a person of interest after her name was leaked in the Integrity Initiative/Leak/1, as member of the secretive Dutch Cluster of the II. Siebenga was possibly main cluster leader located in the Netherlands, second in command to Maria de Goeij after Sijbren de Jong left to join NATO's Shape.[1]


Siebenga graduated from the University of Groningen with a degree in international relations and international organization in 2014 visiting Costa Rica and South Africa for the language and an extra module for South African politics, and from the University of Leiden with a degree in crisis and security management in 2017. She also had a semester exchange at the University of Basel. Quite the polyglot, she also knows Spanish, German, French next to English and her native Dutch.

She presents herself as "Working with clients on organizational transformation aimed at dealing with new societal, political and technological developments. From strategy to execution with a strong focus on stakeholder engagement within politically sensitive and complex environments. Stimulating innovative means of policy development, implementation and evaluation", "for clients within the public justice and (national) security domain on matters regarding i.e. defence, counterterrorism and organized crime". She is apparently since 2017 part of the PwC Global Government Security Network (GGSN).[2]

United Nations

During her study she apparently was selected by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Permanent Mission to the UN to be part of the 5th UN General Assembly in New York City, and engaged in negotiations on the financing and management of UN peacekeeping operations within the Fifth Committee of the UN General Assembly. Some of her other key dossiers include the

1. Peacekeeping program budget ($8Million USD)
2. The UN peace-force regarding the civil war of Mali
3. The UN peace-force regarding the civil war of South-Sudan
4. Sexual trafficking and abuse
5. The board of auditors

Some of her other responsibilities during that time included the joining of meetings on countering the financing of terrorism, the Global Counterterrorism Forum and terrorist-groups in Asia, supporting the military advisors of the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, co-organizing a conference on the use of intelligence in peace operations, and actively campaigning and organizing high-level visits for a Dutch non-permanent UN Security Council seat.


It appears Siebenga and two other colleagues set-up a conference for conspiring on ways to tackle Russia, with NATO, The Institute for Statecraft and an allegedly independent non-profit organization called the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research as sponsors. None of the Dutch members of the II have kept this on their Linkedin page. Isn't that odd. Note that STRATCOM, Ida Eklund-Lindwall's current employee was also present.[3]

Being a fresh graduate, Siebenga was hired by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, a well-known Dutch think-tank set-up in cooperation with the Clingendael institute, focused on strategic studies regarding "counter-terrorism", national security and international security-risks, having the Dutch Ministry of Security & Justice, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Dutch Ministry of Defence as regular customers. In addition, also working for the European Commission and NATO.[4]

Founder Rob de Wijk is one of the most known "terror experts" on Dutch corporate media and state-funded outlets, with several odd statements in his dozens of publications and books. He retired from TV-appearances in 2017, with these closing remarks to Dutch state-broadcaster NOS[5];

*There is no info shortly after an terror-attack, you can only speculate (...) discretising yourself as expert. (...) *Sometimes I see colleagues directly appearing on TV, they are just vain (..) *The attack on the team bus of Borussia Dortmund in 2017 was immediately credited to IS because of one letter, but I know an "IS-letter" is never IS.

She and Sijbren de Jong apparently got selected by Maria de Goeij and the Dutch Ministry of Defence to head the start of the Dutch Cluster of the II in the summer of 2017. Siebenga worked in the HCSS on research for policy papers, reports and strategic briefings on matters of international security & defence, specifically: "counter terrorism" - (inter)national security strategies, UN peace operations, disinformation and offensive security capabilities.

Siebenga appears to only have a few publications, for; promotion for the involvement of the UK in cooperative EU-"counter-terrorism" measures and data-protection policies beyond Brexit, the effect of growing cities throughout the world - this piece calls for extensive use of governmental (and foreign even non-state) actors (including the killing of thousands of your own citizens and permanent military presence like in the Favela's of Rio de Janeiro as examples, where the police is according to Amnesty International and Human Right's watch the most deadly police force over the world) to prevent "recruitment" in "no-go urban areas (comparing them to IS-territory and drug-capitals in Colombia for a good enemy image)" even mentioning safe places as Paris, and the destruction of Tokyo and Warsaw in World War 2 as an example implicating that the bombardment of a city doesn't have to mean it's death forever[6] - (as if we would even need to consider starting such cruelties again), a piece on China concluding to "design legislation, which is primarily aimed at "closing the ranks" against Chins's new Silk Roads with the piece remarking "It is therefore recommended for the intelligence services to use their networks to engage in the continuous monitoring[7] (...) of OBOR (A Chinese proposed Silk Road)", a piece with the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace regarding the continuous acts of Rape by UN Peacekeeping Forces, giving recommendations already given in 1990s, not addressing the problems the reported commanders that would be reported to are themselves[8] luring children, raping and sex trafficking minors[9].


Siebenga was a Senior Associate for the security, justice and defence division, located in the Amsterdam office, just north of Schiphol Airport, not much is known of her operations there.


In January 2021, Siebenga was hired as "Sr. Advisor International Cooperation" by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.

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