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Groups Headquartered Here

Capital Partners Securities2003
International Christian University1949Japanese Bilingual university founded during the US occupation.
JapanA populous country in East Asia. People are traditionally extremely law abiding by European standards.
Komatsu1921In 1996 Komatsu developed a nano-thermite demolition patent that could "demolish a concrete structure at high efficiency, while preventing noise and flying chips".
Liberal Democratic Party1955From 1955 the party has been in power in Japan almost continuously
Meiji University1881The school of political science and economics has sent many famous alumni to the Japanese political world
Takeda Pharmaceutical12 June 1781
Tokyo Institute of Technology1881University which provided Japan with its leading engineers, researchers, and business persons in the post-WW2 era.
University of Tokyo1877Considered to be the most selective and prestigious university in Japan. The vast majority of senior civil servants are recruited from here.
Waseda University


Job here

Matthijs van BonzelHead of Economic Department20052008
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