Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China

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FormationJune 2020
Membership• Andrew Hastie
• Kimberley Kitching
• Irwin Cotler
• Garnett Genuis
• Pavel Fischer
• Jan Lipavský
• Margarete Bause
• Michael Brand
• Reinhard Bütikofer
• Miriam Lexmann
• Iain Duncan Smith
• Helena Kennedy
• Lucio Malan
• Roberto Rampi
• Gen Nakatani
• Shiori Yamao
• Mantas Adomėnas
• Dovilė Šakalienė
• Arne Weverlin
• Martijn van Helvert
• Trine Skei Grande
• Michael Tetzschner
• Elisabet Lann
• Fredrik Malm
• Bob Menendez
• Marco Rubio
• Eric Abet
• Kevin Andrews
• Alex Antic
• Claire Chandler
• George Christensen
• Raff Ciccone
• Daniel Mulino
• James Paterson
• Amanda Stoker
• Tim Wilson
• Dan Albas
• Michael Barrett
• Colin Carrie
• Kerry Diotte
• Nathaniel Erskine-Smith
• Stephen Greene
• Jasraj Singh Hallan
• Leo Housakos
• Tom Kmiec
• Stephanie Kusie
• Philip Lawrence
• Greg McLean
• Alex Ruff
• Kyle Seeback
• Judy Sgro
• David Sweet
• Cathay Wagantall
• Gyde Jensen
• Omid Nouripour
• Karin Karlsbro
• David Lega
• Hilde Vautmans
• Guy Verhofstadt
• Andrew Adonis
• David Alton
• Steve Baker
• Natalie Bennett
• Alistair Carmichael
• Rosie Cooper
• Judith Cummins
• Gareth Davies
• David Davis
• Tim Farron
• Imran Khan
• Tim Loughton
• Craig Mackinlay
• Anthony Mangnall
• Stewart McDonald
• Esther McVey
• Catherine Meyer
• David Morris
• Owen Paterson
• Tom Randall
• Gary Sambrook
• Bob Seely
• Andrew Selous
• Alyn Smith
• Henry Smit
• Stephen Timms
• Enrico Borghi
• Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove
• Roberto Giachetti
• Laurynas Kasčiūnas
• Emanuelis Zingeris
• Henk Krol
• Tina Acketoft
• Joar Forssell
• Hampus Hagman
• David Josefsson
• Kerstin Lundgren
• Maria Nilsson
• Niels Paarup-Petersen
• Lorentz Tovat
• Joaquín Castro
• Chris Coon
• Mike Gallagher
• Anthony Gonzalez
• Tom Malinowski
• Ted Yoho
• Anne-Marie Brady
• Erkin Ekrem
• Shaomin Li
• Darren Mann
• Eva Pils
• Benedict Rogers
• Joey Siu
• Robert L. Suettinger
• Jingsheng Wei
• Zhang Wei
• Vicky Xiuzhong
• Adrian Zenz
• Luke de Pulford
• Rahima Mahmut
• Dimon Liu
• Simona Mohamsson
• Sam Armstrong

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China is a U.S. led effort to organize worsened relations between U.S. allies and the People's Republic of China, to secure continued hegemony.

Formally it is an "international, cross-party alliance of parliamentarians from democratic countries"[1], but since several of the members have very extensive ties to intelligence organizations, this is a top-led effort, and there is nothing parliamentary about it.


It was established on June 4, 2020, on the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, and is chaired by Iain Duncan Smith, former leader of the UK Conservative Party.

The financing of the Alliance is not public (but presumably comes from diverse Foundations, and possibly even Foreign Offices).

The central organizer is U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Acting Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Formally it is a "cross-party alliance of parliamentarians", mostly conservative,liberal and greens, but several of the members have especially distinguished themselves in pushing for sanctions and military actions against other countries the United States have selected as enemies, like Venezuela, Russia and Iran.

The new coalition comes at a time of the U.S. announcing it would take a “competitive approach” to China, and this 'Alliance' could be seen as a way to sabotage trade between the competition and third countries.

Fitting its Cold War predecessors, the 'Alliance' has chosen to resurrect the propaganda buzzword, "the Communist Party of China" as a rallying cry when organizing the offensive.

It focuses on a range of perceived weak points for China, especially financing ethnic minority front groups and regional separatism, to push for introduction of economic sanctions and cancellation of Chinese economic investments abroad.

One of their advisors is Adrian Zenz, a non-Chinese speaker who is one of the sources for the claim of "1 million Uighurs in concentration camps", based on Chinese documents.

Several of the Australian members in government positions have been central in blaming China for the Covid-19 pandemic and demanding "an international investigation" (presumably led by themselves) into China's culpability, leading to severe Chinese counter-sanctions, a reduction of several billion dollars in Chinese purchases of raw materials from Australia.

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