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New York Times

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"All the news that fits our views"...

Publication.png New York Times 
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Founded 1851-09-18
Author(s) Unknown

The New York Times is a long established and respected newspaper with "a venerable history of eliding references to any US role in overthrowing governments or murdering foreign leaders."[1]

“The function of the New York Times is to make a professional middle class comfortable and feel that everything is OK. It's not "All the news that's fit to print", it's "All the news that fits our views". That's the true motto of the New York Times.
Morris Berman - [2]

Deep State Control


The New York Times coverage is as controlled as the rest of the commercially-controlled media, as Chris Hedges found out when he was dismissed for opposing the invasion of Iraq. Independent coverage of matters of importance to the deep state is not tolerated.

Business Plot

Full article: Stub class article Business Plot

The New York Times was quick to dismiss the business plot, which it did with an editorial characterizing it as a "gigantic hoax" and a "bald and unconvincing narrative."[3][4]

Franklin child prostitution ring

One exception to the control of corporate media may have been a cover page article in the New York Times about the Franklin child prostitution on its coverpage, which names Bush and Reagan in its headline. This may however have been a modified limited hangout or other such form of misdirection.


September 11th

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11

The York Times "led the propaganda behind 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars. It did so by ignoring many of the most relevant facts, by promoting false official accounts, and by belittling those who questioned the 9/11 events." The paper has never reported any critical analysis of the official narrative.[5]

Jerusalem property

The New York Times "owns" a property in the prestigious Qatamon neighborhood of Western Jerusaleam.[Citation Needed] It was once the home of Hasan Karmi, a distinguished BBC Arabic Service broadcaster and scholar. Karmi was forced to flee with his family in 1948 as Zionist militias ethnically cleansed Arab neighborhoods. An estimated 10,000 Palestinian homes in West Jerusalem were stolen that year. Hasan Karmi’s daughter, Ghada, a physician and well-known author in the United Kingdom, discovered that The New York Times was in - or rather on top of - her childhood home in 2005, when she was working temporarily in Ramallah.

The NYT correspondent, Ethan Bronner, actually lives in this stolen house. (How he can be neutral in his reporting of the subject is extremely difficult to understand, since his son serves in the Israeli forces). However, he is fully aware of the situation and is quoted as being uncomfortable about it:

"One of the things that is most worrying not just the Left but a lot of people in Israel about this decision is if the courts in Israel are going to start recognizing property ownership from before the State [of Israel was founded]," Bronner said according to a transcript made by independent reporter Philip Weiss who maintains the blog

Bronner added, "I think the Palestinians are going to have a fairly big case. I for example live in West Jerusalem. My entire neighborhood was Palestinian before 1948."[6]


A Document by New York Times

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
File:NYT Man Behind Iraq's Supergun.pdfarticle26 August 1990Gerald Bull

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