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An assassin carries out assassinations.



Page nameBornDiedNationalitySummaryDescription
Mehmet Ali Ağca9 January 1958TurkeyAssassin
Luis Posada Carriles15 February 192823 May 2018Doctor
Yehoshua Cohen22 June 19228 August 1986IsraelAssassinMember of a 3 man Stern Gang team dispatched by Yitzhak Shamir in September 1948 to kill Count Folke Bernadotte. He was the man who fired the fatal shots that killed both Folke Bernadotte and French Colonel Andre Serot who was travelling with him in the ambushed car
Edwin Collins1964Soldier
JFK/Assassination/Premature death?
Herminio Diaz Garcia192329 May 1966Soldier
Roy Hargraves2002Soldier
Charles Harrelson23 July 193815 March 2007Assassin
Robert Emmett Johnson1992Assassin
Peter LicavoliAssassin
Daniel Marvin10 October 193319 January 2012Soldier
Rolando Masferrer12 July 191831 October 1975"Terrorist"
Operation 40 member car bombed in Miami a week mafter he published a newspaper editorial arguing that car bombs were a justifiable tactic.
Mijailo Mijailović6 December 1978Sweden
Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera27 August 1966ColombiaAssassin
Guillermo NovoAssassin
José Sanjenís Perdomo25 May 1935Spook
Police officer
Deep state operative
Perdomo was senior policeman under Carlos Prio, exiled to US where he joined the CIA and played a vital role putting together Operation 40. In 1980 he was working as the night doorman at the Dakota Hotel, and witnessed the murder of John Lennon.
Virgilio Paz Romero20 November 1952Spook
Jack Ruby25 March 19113 January 1967Assassin
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
A "lone nut" who killed another lone nut to try to hide the conspiracy which killed JFK. Both were actually assets controlled by the deep state groups who ran that coup.
Nazario SargentOctober 2004Soldier
Lucien SartiAssassin
Tony Sforza9 January 192310 January 1985Spook
Deep state operative
An assassin accused of involvement in the JFK assassination
Frank Sturgis9 December 19244 December 1993Spook
Deep state operative
An spooky assassin involved in so many deep state operations that his FBI file was over 75000 pages.
Chip TatumWhistleblower
Drug trafficker
Deep state operative who has named a lot of names, especially in the area of CIA drug trafficking and the Iran-Contra deal.
Michael Townley5 December 1942Assassin
Rafael VillaverdeSpook
Malcom Wallace15 November 19217 January 1971USAssassin
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Found guilty of "murder with malice aforethought" for which he was given a suspended sentence. He was working as LBJ's personal assassin since that time.
Steve Wilson1984Soldier
Abdullah Çatlı3 November 1996Spook
A contract killer and figure in the Turkish underworld, who was killed in the 1996 Susurluk car crash.


Assassin victims on Wikispooks

MLK15 January 19294 April 1968Activist
Martin Luther King was a pastor and political activist whose moral stance in the US in the 1960s posed a serious challenge to the US deep state. Now feted by the US government, although the US legal process conceded in 1999 that he was assassinated by the same government.
Olof Palme30 January 192728 February 1986SwedenLeader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969, and two-term Prime Minister, until his assassination in 1986.
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