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An analysis of the Charlie Hebdo event of January 2015. It connects many dots linking it to a litany of similar outrages and exposing the essentially False flag nature of all of them.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by Adrian Salbuchi dated 14 January 2015
Subjects: Charlie Hebdo shooting, False flag
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Originally written and published by Spanish RT

Author's Note

After the dreadful terror attack perpetrated last week against the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris, global attention continues firmly centered on France. It was indeed a horrendous act and the West’s Media have whipped up a growing frenzy of anti-Muslim emotion and a desire for revenge in the hearts of tens of millions in France, Europe and America.

17th Century English poet John Donne once praised the beauty of the Community of Mankind by saying that “No man is an island entire of itself”, concluding that “any man's death diminishes me”. So be it with the murder of Charlie Hebdo’s twelve unarmed cartoonists and journalists.

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...... But, are we seeing the full picture in its proper focus? Are Western governments and their global media overacting? And if so, why? What ends do they have in mind?

Cry me a river...

Western governments and media have rallied millions of citizens throughout France, Europe and the world to weep for these “Twelve Apostles” sacrificed in the altar of “freedom of the press”.

To show how serious they are, the bulk of France’s politicians, beginning with president Francoise Hollande and PM Manuel Valls, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with other world leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel, UK’s David Cameron, Spain’s Mariano Rajoy and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. US Secretary of State John Kerry even relayed America’s condolences to the French in their own language.

This is in very stark contrast with not a tear ever being shed for the thousands of men, women and children martyred decade after decade in Palestine up until last August; or the millions assassinated and maimed by the US and its NATO Allies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Are they not worthy of mass demonstrations led by the Hollande’s, Merkel’s, Cameron’s, Netanyahu’s and Obama’s of this world honouring their martyrdom?

For if today millions of people on the streets and squares of Paris and all of France cry tears of sympathy for these twelve cartoonists, then what huge and roaring river of tears are yet to be wept for the millions of anonymous martyrs assassinated by the very same leaders who met in Paris with such somber demeanor?

War in the 21st Century

Outright 20th Century-style military invasions and official declarations of war will no longer do today.

The former USSR learned this historical lesson the hard way after its implosion in 1990, the fuse of which was lit in Budapest in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, Poland in 1981 and especially in Afghanistan in 1979. The Soviet Nomenklatura’s uncouth and unpolitical behavior ended up costing them an entire Empire! And it serves them right!!

The US/UK and its Allies also learned their lesson ­ albeit in a “kinder, gentler” manner than the former Soviet Union: in Vietnam, in the former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Libya. They have not (yet) however paid for their crimes: for the Bushes, Cheneys, Wolfowitzs, Albrights, Clintons, Rices, Blairs, Aznars, Netanyahus and Sarkozys still walk the streets as free men and women.

So, how are wars fought in 2015? By engineering social chaos inside target countries. This is done officially and unofficially through military force, intelligence black-ops, dark “private contractors”, and a wide assortment of clandestine rogue players who finance, train, arm, support, render media coverage and smoke-curtains, through an even wider assortment of agents, mercenaries and local traitors: call it “Arab Spring”, Ukraine “regime changers”, Afghanistan “Mujadejeened” (Hilary dixit), Libyan and Syria “freedom fighters”... the list is long… And not surprisingly in that long chain of Organized Command-and-Confusion, many of these players end up in the ranks of Islamic State, ISIS, Al-Qaeda Yemen and who knows where else.

This “War Model” includes specific “Modules” that have the mission of “creating the right circumstances” that will help to “justify waging war against...”: another nation, another ideology, or some diffuse, ambiguous, unexplained and unexplainable “terrorist group”. In short, by generating the proper circumstances to demonize “the Enemy”.

Half a century ago, that enemy was “The Red Menace”: Soviet Communism and its allies. But that’s dead and gone now; and one of the last wreathes was placed on its tomb a couple of weeks back when US president Obama “normalized” diplomatic relations with Castro’s Cuba.

Today, the bad guys’ name is “Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism”…. plus its direct, indirect or imagined backers: Russia, China, Venezuela and any other nation, group or player which refuses to toe the line to US/UK/EU/Israeli interests…

Are there any signs of this type of event engineering in last week’s Charlie Hebdo event?

Engineering such highly complex, elusive, subtle (at times not-so-subtle) “high impact events that will strongly sway national, regional and global public opinion” are in fullest swing today. Actually, they went into geopolitical overdrive after 11 September 2001.

That’s why anyone challenging the US, UK, EU and Israeli official and politically-correct worldview is immediately branded a “conspiracy theorist”, or a “false flag kook”, or a “paranoid madman…”

How dare you even consider that the global banksters led by your friendly Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Soros would come together with your socially-sensitive Military-Industrial Establishment (which former US president Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in 1961!); allied to those nice guys and gals running things from the Oval Office, Congress, No. 10 Downing Street and the Palais D’Elysee; allied with those truthful media folks at FoxNews, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post; working together with their oh-so-talented-entertainment/infotainment/infomercial colleagues over in Hollywood, and would ever dream of pulling the wool over your eyes, of trying to get you to hate such and such a terrorist group, or nation, or “rogue state”, so that you will support bombing their cities, murdering their people and destroying their lands??

Déjà vu?

Conspiracy Theory kooks who believe such nonsense will tell you that False Flags have a certain key factors in common: Like the FBI “luckily” finding 9-11 terrorist Mohammed Atta’s intact passport in the WTC rubble (too bad the official story also says that “the heat was so intense it melted both jetliner’s black boxes”); or an Israeli Army intelligence officer luckily finding a small piece of metal with a serial number on it leading to the (absolutely non-existent) “car bomb” that blew up the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Mutual building in Buenos Aires in 1994.

Any resemblance to Charlie Hebdo? Well, one of the terrorist Kouachi bothers left home that day carrying his French ID Card which he conveniently “dropped” inside the attack car, that was then promptly found by French police. OK: they were both very young and, mom probably told them that morning to make sure they carried their ID’s as she handed them their lunch-bag...

It certainly helped French police who in record time were able to identify these hooded terrorists; in record-time find them; in record time “smoke-‘em-out” as Baby Bush would say; and in record-time kill them!

Then we were told that Police Commissioner Helric Fredou of France’s Judicial Police (JP), Limoges, investigating this event “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at the police station.” Did he know something that global public opinion “should not be troubled with?” It brings to mind Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, the unlucky young London Underground electrician gunned down by London Police in Stockwell Tube station because they believed he was “suspicious”. Did he see any dirty tricks being done on those subway carriages that exploded on 7th July 2005?

Anyway, here’s the thing: dead ­ or “suicided” - witnesses don’t talk. Gunned down “terrorist” patsies neither.

But before the Kouachi brothers died “someone” standing on a terrace across the street from the Charlie Hebdo HQ filmed their get-away and recorded them yelling, “Tell the media Al Qaeda of Yemen did this!!”.

Adding drama to this dreadful affair, this terrace-walker also filmed one of the terrorists stupidly going out of his way to fire a shot to the head at a downed police office officer on the sidewalk. Funny, though: no pool of blood, no brains splattered on the sidewalk, this “Muslim” policeman just moved slightly. Not at all like the image that shocked the world of John Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas in November 1963 showing the second bullet destroying JFK’s head and streams of blood gushing away.


Last but not least: when surprise terror attacks hit, there are always two key questions that must be asked: (1) who benefits? (2) follow the money/logistics trail.

With the Charlie Hebdo attack ­ as with 9-11 in New York/DC; as with 7/7/2005 in London; as with Atocha Spain in 2004, as with the AMIA/DAIA attacks in Buenos Aires ­ CLEARLY the Muslim and Arab World did not benefit at all. Quite the contrary: systematically, Muslims are the great losers because all those “Islamic terror attacks” led directly to the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the permanent bombing of Syria, harassment and threats against Iran, all part of the “Arab Spring” trademark.

What about the money/logistics trail? Difficult to say: there are so many super-rich American, British, Israeli, Saudi, Kuwaiti, European bankers and billionaires who have specific axes to grind…

One would imagine that with today’s hugely sophisticated electronic global mega-banking and mega-money laundering systems, this should be quickly traced; that Mega-Bankers should be able to trace such funding and tell the world, and yet… they seldom utter a word. Even when US, UK, and EU supervisors levy huge fines against them for money laundering, the Mega-bankers quietly pay and... carry on. Business as usual.

The Decline of the West

Last but not least, last week’s sad events have unmasked just how thorough and deep the moral decay, cultural bankruptcy, ethical hypocrisy and Decline the West has undergone, which German philosopher Oswald Spengler foresaw in 1917.

Charlie Hebdo’s twelve victims are presented to the public as “freedom of the press warriors” thus justifying its horrendously perverse religious insults and disrespect.

Take a closer look at some of those Charlie Hebdo cartoon magazine covers: a Muslim cleric being killed by bullets that are not stopped by The Koran (which is described as being “Merde” ­ i.e., “shit”); a drawing of Mohammed from behind, genitals and all, with a star on his butt; a drawing of Charlie Hebdo’s star cartoonist Stephan Charbonnier (“Charbo”) delivering a slimy homo kiss to a Muslim cleric… Is this supposed to be “funny” to France’s 4 million Muslims? Has France fallen to such unfathomable depths that these gross religious insults and discrimination are branded as “humour”???

Mind you, Charlie Hebdo did not just attack and insult Muslims. One of its “cute cartoons” shows the Christian God being sodomized by Jesus, who in turn is sodomized by The Holy Spirit…

Is this cesspool born of sick minds what Western public opinion’s “sense of humour” all about?

Many readers might agree, saying that even such tasteless cartoons must be passively tolerated in the name of “freedom of the press”.

OK. Then try this one out for size: what would have happened had Charlie Hebdo run on its cover a cartoon showing Jehovah/YHWH being sodomized by a “cute Hitler figure” whilst dozens of Swastika-attired SS-henchmen laugh and clap as they stand next to Auschwitz KZ’s “Arbeit Macht Frei” entrance sign? Not amused?

I’m sure the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, World Jewish Congress, B’Nai B’rith, and their hundreds of very powerful lobby counterparts in Europe, the UK, Canada, Argentina (DAIA and AMIA) would not have quite seen the “good humour” behind such a tasteless, aggressive and totally unacceptable insult. Heads would have rolled for months and months...

And yet those very same Zionist and Jewish lobbies will jump like boiling water branding anyone and everyone criticizing Israel as “Anti-Semites” as they wage their global war on “Anti-Semitism” (see my RT article: [ Israel’s wars and the 'A' word), ensuring that not even academic historical revisionism can enjoy the least bit of freedom.

For any alternative, non-politically correct view regarding what really happened in Europe during World War II is silenced, and will promptly land you in jail in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Spain and in the French “land of freedom of the press” (just ask British historian David Irving, French historian Robert Faurisson or German investigator Ernst Zündl, and hear what they have to say on the subject).

Indeed, Western “sheeple” have really lost their way. This is bad, because the Charlie Hebdo event last week is probably the first link in a chain of increasingly violent “engineered events” of this nature that we will unfortunately be seeing in the months to come. So, we had better start looking around, thinking with our own brains and not with CNN’s, BBC’s, Rupert Murdoch’s, AIPAC’s, or the World Jewish Congress’s.

We are smack in the midst of a crossroad and these are indeed very dangerous times!

Poet John Donne ends the poem mentioned above with these well-known words: “…therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”