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Concept.png 20th century 
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'Tank man', an unknown inspiration for millions of non-violent resistors worldwide...
The 20th century saw the development of such deep state groups into an effective Supranational Deep State as confirmed just months later, on 11 September 2001

The 20th century spanned 1901-2000. It saw the fusion of multiple deep state groups into an effective Supranational Deep State as confirmed just months later, on 11 September 2001 by a seminal structural deep event which set the tone for the following century, the 21st century.

By decade


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The 1907 Panic successfully increased the stanglehold of J. P. Morgan and The Money Trust over Wall St.


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The Money Trust gained control over the US money supply, which was to endure to this day, and define the century's economics. World War I (1914-1918) saw a sharp decline in the overt British empire.


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The Money Trust, having created an economic depression asked General Smedley Butler to lead a fascist coup in USA. However, he played along and then blew the whistle on the group, greatly[citation needed] weakening their influence as an effective US deep state. The Suite 8F Group had a corresponding rise in influence,


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World War II allowed for Operation Gladio, which was a key vector of control over the European deep state, that was to be completely hidden for decades, until overuse of false flag bombings lead to its exposure in Italy.


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Key deep state milieux Le Cercle and The Bilderberg were set up.


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In 1963, The Cabal launched a covert coup against John F. Kennedy cemented a new incarnation of the US deep state. This group has controlled the presidency, almost uninterrupted, up to the present day.


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The Watergate Coup, managed by George H. W. Bush, set the stage for The Enterprise. GHWB was later to become simultaneous shallow political leader and deep political leader of the US.

The 1979 JCIT was a key meeting for the development of deep political strategy of the "War on Terror", which went into operation after the end of the Cold War.


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1989 saw the beginning of the end of the Cold War narrative.


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Lady Diana was "unlawfully killed" in a highly suspicious car crash, after successfully leading efforts to ban production of land mines. She had previously written of her anxiety that she would be assassinated in a car crash

In the mid 1990s the original Operation Gladio was augmented by Gladio/B, developed to carry out the strategy of tension in oil rich areas and by demonise "Islamic terrorists". Towards the end of the 1990s, the names of Ossama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were introduced in Western commercially-controlled media, in preparation for the 9-11 event.

Ecological degradation

The 20th century has seen a major decline in the nutritional content of food, as a result of soil degradation.[1]


Rise of The Supranational Deep State

Operation Gladio was the clandestine installation of cells of local paramilitary forces that were subject to control from London and Washington, a major step in the globalisation of deep state influence. The 1963 assassination of JFK was another major step, as it solidified a new deep political entity, which then consolidated its power with the 1960s assassinations. Jimmy Carter's purge of the CIA was ineffective, and lead to the offshoring of the US deep state, forming an international deep political entity. The Supranational Deep State had become a single coherent entity by 2001, as evidenced by the 9-11 cover-up.

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