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Author(s)Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
SubjectsHistory of the Jews in the Soviet Union
Original languageRussian
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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's work on the relationship between Russians and Jews inside the Russian and Soviet Empires.

Two Hundred Years Together is a monumental work of historical scholarship by Soviet dissident and 1970 Nobel literature laureate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn dealing with the relationship between Russians and Jews inside the Russian and Soviet Empires. Solzhenitsyn authored it in Russian and the original work was published in Russian in 2001/2, with published translations in German and French following soon after. However, for reasons that will be obvious to those who have read it, it has never found an English language publisher.

Historical revision

It is a work of quintessential historical revisionism by an author of towering reputation and authority on Russia and the Soviet Union. The carefully nurtured global Jewish self-image as history's eternal victim is seriously dented by revelations of extensive high-level Jewish complicity in - not-to-say responsibility for - vast Soviet atrocities against its own populations; complicity which remains well hidden and largely unknown in the West. The book is thus anathema to orthodox Jewish and Zionist Establishments and this is amply reflected in its extended wikipedia article which categorises it as "Antisemitism" and is replete with obfuscation of the major issues involved. In classic Wikipedia style on sensitive/taboo issues, the article is dominated by multiple hostile critical reviews - in this case from largely Jewish sources with the first from arch-Zionist Daniel Pipes - and excludes ANY references to major dissenting authorities - most notably to extensive reviews by Professor Kevin MacDonald.

The work is in two volumes; the first sub-titled "Russian-Jewish History 1795 to 1916" (512 pages), the second sub-titled "The Jews in the Soviet Union" (600 pages), which deals with the period from the Bolshevik revolution to the demise of the Soviet Union in the late 1990's.

Samizdat English translations

From 2008 through to September 2010 a project to translate the book into English published various chapters as they became available. They have since been referenced and reviewed on various websites, notably in The Barnes Review and The Oxidental Review

In October 2016 David and Davina Davison began translating chapters missing from the 'Ethnopoliticsonline' project. These translations are from the published French editions of the work

Chapter List

Volume 1. Before the Revolution Volume 2. During Soviet period
Chapter 1: Before 19th century Chapter 13: February Revolution
Chapter 2: During the reign of Nicholas I Chapter 14: During 1917
Chapter 3: During the reign of Alexander I Chapter 15: Alongside the Bolsheviks
Chapter 4: During the period of reforms Chapter 16: During the Civil War
Chapter 5: After the murder of Alexander II Chapter 17: In emigration between the World Wars
Chapter 6: In the Russian revolutionary movement Chapter 18: During 1920s
Chapter 7: The birth of Zionism Chapter 19: During 1930s
Chapter 8: At the turn of the 20th century Chapter 20: In the camps of GULag
Chapter 9: During the Revolution of 1905 Chapter 21: During the Soviet-German War
Chapter 10: During the period of Duma Chapter 22: From the end of the war up to Stalin’s death
Chapter 11: Jews and Russians before the First World War - The Growing Awareness Chapter 23: Before Six-Day War
Chapter 12: During WWI (1914-1916) Chapter 24: Breaking away from Bolshevism
Chapter 25: Accusing Russia
Chapter 26: Beginning of Exodus
Chapter 27: About assimilation. Author's after-word

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