Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet

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Publication date2012 November
Author(s) • Julian Assange
• Jacob Applebaum
• Andy Müller-Maguhn
• Jérémie Zimmermann
SubjectsInternet Freedom,  Cypherpunks
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About freedom in the internet age

The harassment of WikiLeaks and other Internet activists, together with attempts to introduce anti-file sharing legislation such as SOPA and ACTA, indicate that the politics of the Internet have reached a crossroads. In one direction lies a future that guarantees, in the watchwords of the cypherpunks, "privacy for the weak and transparency for the powerful" in the other lies an Internet that allows government and large corporations to discover ever more about internet users while hiding their own activities. Assange and his co-discussants unpick the complex issues surrounding this crucial choice with clarity and engaging enthusiasm.


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