Britannia Unchained

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Publication date13 September 2012
Author(s) • Kwasi Kwarteng
• Priti Patel
• Dominic Raab
• Chris Skidmore
• Liz Truss
SourcePalgrave Macmillan (Link)


Britain is at a cross-roads; from the economy, to the education system, to social mobility, Britain must learn the rules of the 21st century, or face a slide into mediocrity. "Brittania Unchained" travels around the world, exploring the nations that are triumphing in this new age, seeking lessons Britain must implement to carve out a bright future.


Howard Beckett tweeted:

Liz Truss is a Co-author (along with Dominic Raab, Priti Patel & Kwasi Kwarteng) of “Britannia Unchained” (2012). In it they attack British workers as being “among the worst idlers in the world”. She is running to be PM.[1]

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