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I've added a concept list.... I could put "extraterrestrial" as a concept but I've placed that under "research" as that's more ambiguous, suitable for this subject. We do need concepts and a description no matter what the page will turn into. Please feel free to change though Jun (talk)

Good idea, have read two or three books and chapters from a few more, but not entirely sure what to make of it, I mean what the whole issue is in present times. Back in the end-40s, beginning 50s, when atomic testing started, still a time when steam engines were not so far away, the sightings were substantial and technology was too advanced imo to be any secret project (radar monitoring on speed etc., foo fighters being another observation - more UAP) - Robbie Graham has some very good points on history, he planned at one point to make this his thesis. If you want to invest an hour for a podcast with him, this one is good. His old site is here. Overall however, I am probably more in the Däniken camp, so my thinking goes that way, while by now, some very advanced stuff does play into this too I think. Much fiction and truth is mixed up nowthanks to Hollywood. Good idea with the Black Project entry as well. -- Sunvalley (talk) 01:01, 20 February 2021 (UTC)

Yeah, the 40s, 50s, 60s stuff (which IMO should all be included in the article) really bugs me as I can't rhyme it with any military project. Thanks for the links, I'll bookmark them for later investigation. Maybe the fermi paradox should get integrated into this article as well to support the option of extraterrestrial origin. Well, this got me thinking....I'm changing the black project to support "black projects of unknown source". Jun (talk)

If one were to include the Fermi Paradox as evidence in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, I would suggest also including a section discussing the apparent impossibility of faster-than-light travel and the incredible, plausibility-straining level of technological advancement implied by the existence of a lifeform capable of interstelllar travel. Also one would want to explore the subject of “great filters”, which are proposed solutions to the Fermi Paradox. (I.E., explanations for why we may be the only/one of very few advanced technological species in the observable universe) MolecCodicies (talk)
Yes, solid point. Please feel free to add to it as I'm also busy on the desc, circular traffic and stub projects at the moment! Jun (talk)