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Interests • UFO
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Researcher with an interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Robbie Graham is a British researcher with a specialization into film studies and how movies are used to shape the perception of the UFO phenomenon.[1][2]



A Document by Robbie Graham

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television


A Quote by Robbie Graham

Hollywood/Predictive programming“Cinema has an essential mystical ability to completely detach us from our physical environment and transport us to another, more vivid, realm of perception; a realm where everything is at once illusory, yet strangely real.

In film studies, anything that exists within the world of the film is known as diegesis. The cinema screen separates their fictional world from our ‘real’ world. But, actually, the diegesis seeps through the screen into our world, into our subconsciousness. It becomes part of our reality.

Key to cinemas’s power is that movies, in their slick, neatly packaged, self-contained way, serve to narrativize and contextualize the events, debates, and processes that constitute our frustratingly non-narrative world. Life rarely makes sense, but movies usually do, and in that we take comfort and, therein lies the problem – movies, no matter how realistic they are in the events they depict, are not real life. They are, at best, reflections of our reality, snapshots of it, simulations of it, skewed and distorted through the ideological framework of those who have made them.

Movies masquerade as the final word on a given topic. No matter what the subject, and regardless of how much that subject has already been written about and debated, once it is committed to film – once it has received the full Hollywood treatment – it is embedded firmly and forever into the popular consciousness. Imprinted on our psyche. Plunged into the deep wells of memory and imagination.”


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