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Erkki Liikanen19 September 1950FinlandFinnish central banker, European Commissioner who was mooted as candidate for President of the European Central Bank in 2019
Pierre Liotard-Vogt14 December 190915 November 1987SwitzerlandAttended the 1970, 1974, 1977 and 1980 Bilderberg conferences as President of Nestlé. He was very involved in the French Center for Child Protection.
Ruud Lubbers5 July 193914 February 2018NetherlandsDutch deep state operative and Prime-Minister. Close ties to the SDS as Minister of State.
William LutiUSSpecial Advisor for National Security Affairs to Dick Cheney. Attended the 2004 - 2007 Bilderbergs
Mogens Lykketoft9 January 1946DenmarkDanish politician
Margaret MacMillan23 December 1943CanadaCanadian historian
David Mahoney17 May 19231 May 2000USUS businessman who attended the 1981 to 1984 Bilderbergs
Robert Marjolin27 July 191115 April 1986FranceFrench economist/politician involved in the formation of the European Economic Community.
Wilfred Martens19 April 19369 October 2013BelgiumQuad Bilderberg Belgian politician
Charles Michel21 December 1975BelgiumAttended 3 Bilderbergs during the 2010s while Prime Minister of Belgium
Roger Motz8 July 190427 March 1964BelgiumBelgian politician who attended 4 Bilderberg meetings in the 1950s, including the first one.
Alberto Nogueira17 September 191814 March 1993PortugalPortuguese diplomat during the Estado Novo, in favor of keeping the colonies in Africa, who attended several Bilderberg meetings.
Peggy Noonan7 September 1950USAttended four Bilderbergs in the 2010s. CFR.
Sylvia Ostry3 June 19277 May 2020CanadaQuad Bilderberg Canadian economist
George Papandreou16 June 1952GreeceQuad Bilderberg Greek politician long time President of the Socialist International
Norman Pearlstine4 October 1942USCFR, quad Bilderberger editor
Aurelio Peccei4 July 190814 March 1984ItalyItalian businessman who attended 4 Bilderbergs in the 1960s, founder of the Club of Rome
Mario Pedini27 December 19188 July 2003ItalyItalian politician
Panagiotis Pipinelis21 March 189919 July 1970GreeceOne of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg group. Missed the first Bilderberg due to illness, but attended three more. Greek PM.
Hugo Portisch19 February 19271 April 2021AustriaUS-trained Austrian editor-in-chief and journalist who attended 4 Bilderberg meetings. His documentaries "helped to shape Austria's collective historical awareness".
Etienne de la Vallee Poussin23 November 19034 October 1996BelgiumBelgian politician who attended the first Bilderberg and three more in the 1950s
Robert Roosa21 June 191823 December 1993USBrown Brothers Harriman banker ,director at the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission. Attended 3 Bilderbergs as Chairman of the Brookings Institution.
Denis de Rougement8 September 19066 December 1985SwitzerlandAttended the first 4 Bilderbergs. Promoted European federalism
John Sainsbury2 November 1927UKFounder of the supermarket chain. Bilderberg Steering committee member.
Ivo Samkalden10 August 191211 May 1995NetherlandsDutch politician who attended 4 Bilderbergs in the early 1960s. Law and order mayor of Amsterdam from 1967 to 1977. Opposed many peace-projects.
Nadia SchadlowUSSuspected US deep state functionary. First Bilderberg in 2017
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer3 April 1948NetherlandsBilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO. He held an "anti-terrorist exercise" in Madrid 3 days before the 2004 Madrid train bombings.
Otto Schily20 July 1932GermanAttended the 2004 Bilderberg as Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany. Argued against mandatory COVID jabs arguing that they were unconstitutional
Jørgen Schleimann22 January 19297 July 2016DenmarkDanish editor. Participated in three Bilderberg meetings as editor (1969,1971,1974) when working in Danmark Radio, and one in 1987 as he became leader of the first non-government TV-channel.
Thorvald Stoltenberg8 July 193113 July 2018NorwayNorwegian politician with deep state connections
Robert Strauss19 October 191819 March 2014USUS lawyer and deep state operative
Carl-Henric Svanberg29 May 1952SwedenSwedish businessman with deep state connections
Svend SørensenDenmarkDanish banker
Dick Taverne18 October 1928UKUK politician with deep state connections
Arthur R. Taylor6 July 19353 December 2015USQuad Bilderberger US businessman
Horst Teltschik14 June 1940GermanTri-Bilderberger chair of the Munich Security Conference 1999-2008
Gaston Thorn3 September 192826 August 2007LuxemburgLuxembourgish deep state functionary whose Bilderberger chief of staff was assassinated in 1981. President of the Liberal International for 12 years.
Heinrich Treichl31 July 19132 November 2014AustriaAustrian banker
Giulio Tremonti18 August 1947Italy4 time Bilderberger, 4 time Italian Minister of Economy and Finances
William Waldegrave15 August 1946UKCreator of the hugely unpopular UK poll tax. Chairman of the Rhodes Trust. 4 Bilderbergs. Involved in exporting weapons to Iraq, the denied this in "untrue letters" to MPs. Associate of spooky Victor Rothschild.
Kevin Warsh13 April 1970USBilderberg Steering committee, US Federal Reserve governor
Krister Wickman13 April 192410 September 1993SwedenSwedish central banker and deep state functionary
Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski24 July 192224 February 2005GermanGerman Bilderberg Steering committee member, 4 Bilderbergs in the 1970s
Lars Wohlin24 June 193324 September 2018SwedenGovernor of the central bank Sveriges Riksbank 1979-82. Attended all Bilderberg meetings those four years.
Anders Åslund17 February 1952SwedenQuad Bilderberger, Integrity Initiative. Responsible for the Russian demographic catastrophe in the 1990s.
Soli Özel1958TurkeyQuad Bilderberger journalist and academic