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Auburn University public land-grant research university in Auburn, Alabama.
Avaaz hugely popular clicktivist site with spooky connections.
Avalon Foundation
Axis of Logic
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş journalist in Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, CNN Türk. Deep state connections. Attended the 2013 Bilderberg meeting.
Kelly Ayotte
BP oil company implicated in the 1953 Iran Coup.
Babylon Bee website censored since 2020.
Andrew Bacevich
Ed Balls politician. 7 Bilderbergs
Stephen Barclay Conservative MP and Minister
Élie BarnaviÉlie-Barnavi/159301347437641Israeli historian who attended the 2004 Bilderberg
François Baroinçois-Baroin/100016855775066French politician who attended the 2014 Bilderberg
Sandra Barr independent researcher into psyops and hoaxes. Examines the numerology and why certain dates are used for such events. Exposes establishment corruption.
Kevin Barrett academic and 9-11/Dissident.
Eva Bartlett
Jonathan Bartley
Evan Bayh lawyer, lobbyist, and politician
Hugh Bayley
Howard Beckett
Bellingcat "Site for citizen investigations of current events using open source information" lead by Eliot Higgins and "8 volunteers", allegedly funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The site is popular with the commercially-controlled media and has paid for articles from Dan Kaszeta, a member of the Institute for Statecraft/Integrity Initiative.
Bentley University Bentley School of Accounting and Finance
Chip Berlet"Spends 99 percent of his time attacking the people who have actually exposed U.S. Government crimes and cover-ups, and one percent of his time exposing them".
Brian Berletic, Writer, Commentator
Best for Britain George Soros funded Pro-EU organisation.
Peter Biddulph
Joe Biden
Big League Politics League Politics is a politically independent news website, reporting from a Pro-Trump point of view.
Whitney Bilyeu Libertarian, serving as Chair of the Libertarian National Committee.
Chris Bird
Black Op Radio vast source of audio material about conspiracies in general and the JFK Assassination in particular.
Black Star News news website which broke the murder of Sunny Sheu.
Christopher Black international criminal and human rights lawyer with advocate experience at both the ICIY and the ICTR
Robert Black Black toasting the Mickey Mouse tribunal that he designed to exonerate apartheid South Africa
Nicola Blackwood
Alan Blumenthal
Mandy Blumenthal
Edwin Bollier key witness in the Lockerbie trial
Matthijs van Bonzel diplomat
Pik Botha African deep state operative
Simon Bracey-Lane "highly improbable left wing firebrand" who worked for the Institute for Statecraft and whom they denied was a spook.
Reiner Braun
Breakthrough Party
Breda University of Applied Sciences
Ian Bremmer and founder of the Eurasia Group. CFR, TLC, Bilderberg 2007
Børge Brende of the World Economic Forum
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon soldier turned businessman and author
Christine Brim
Lyn Brown Home Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn
Rivkah Brown