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Born27 January 1940
Alma materHull University
Member ofJustice for Megrahi

For the last fifteen years, Peter Biddulph has helped Dr Jim Swire, both in writing his memoir of the Lockerbie bombing, investigation and trial, and with all that has happened since regarding Lockerbie and related matters.

With the assistance of Professor Robert Black, Peter Biddulph developed their blogsite which has contributed to better public understanding of the issues surrounding Lockerbie.[1]

Thatcher on Lockerbie

On 1 February 2015, Peter Biddulph posted on his Facebook page:

Dr Jim Swire's fight to discover who really murdered his daughter Flora is into its twenty seventh year. It began while computers were just a pipe dream and pretty much all of the current Facebook fraternity were not even a twinkle in their fathers' eyes.

Over the years the truth has emerged, layer by layer. And now the Scottish Crown Office is clearly exposed as clinging to a trial verdict that was based on false information by forensic scientists, the concealment of key evidence by senior police officers, and the bribery of the only identification witness, a Maltese shopkeeper.

Meanwhile the Crown Office call Jim Swire and all who agree with him "conspiracy theorists". They are wrong. Jim has always dealt with facts. He refuses to accept anything that cannot be proved either by original documents and evidence, or the recorded words of those who claim to speak for the law.

Those who support Jim's battle to have the tragedy investigated following a third appeal include famous people around the world. (With apologies to the many I am about to omit). Among them Ms Kate Adie, former Chief Correspondent for BBC News and currently correspondent for CNN; Professor Noam Chomsky, regarded by many as the most important thinker and campaigner for justice alive today; Mr Patrick Haseldine, retired British diplomat; Mr Andrew Killgore, former US ambassador to Qatar; Mr John Pilger, renowned journalist and campaigner for human rights; Sir Teddy Taylor, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland; Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner.

For the full detail of the campaign see the Facebook page of Justice for Megrahi.

270 people died at Lockerbie on 21st December 1988. It was the greatest peacetime attack on the British mainland since the Second World War.

And yet few people will be aware that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refused in her memoirs to even accept that the Lockerbie attack happened.

She maintained that position even under close questioning by former Leader of the House Tam Dalyell. She claimed:

"I did not write about Lockerbie because I know nothing about Lockerbie".

The author Milan Kundera wrote in his novel "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" that the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting. Jim Swire and those supporting his campaign exemplify that struggle. It will not cease until the truth is revealed.[2]


On 23 January 2015, Brian Pluthero posted the following cryptic message on Dr Jim Swire's website:

"I was the registered Pan Am ground security coordinator on duty at the departure of Pan Am Flight 103. At the time my views were silenced by Pan Am management. I would welcome speaking to Dr Jim Swire."[3]

Dr Swire's Lockerbie researcher Peter Biddulph replied two days later:

"Hi Brian,
"I did receive your enquiry, and sent an email invitation for you to contact me so that I could pass your message on to Jim Swire. I still haven't heard from you. The offer is still open. My email address is"[4]

On 6 May 2015, Peter Biddulph wrote:

"We are still waiting for your reply. But, of course, there will not be one. You are both Brian Pluthero and Patrick Haseldine, the famous Professor Emeritus of a non-existent university."[5]

Three weeks later, Biddulph wrote:

"Still no reply. It is sad indeed that a former Pan Am ground security coordinator was silenced by his employees [Sic] following the Lockerbie attack. Our heart goes out to you. Keep on lying. It helps to pass the time."[6]

On 2 February 2018, Patrick Haseldine joined the conversation:

"Hi Peter,
"I've only just seen your remarks from three years ago and have two things to say. Firstly, from his Linkedin profile, I estimate that Brian Pluthero is in his eighties, whereas - like you - I'm somewhat younger: so he certainly is not me!
"Secondly, it's clear Mr Pluthero wished to speak directly to Dr Jim Swire. By imposing yourself as the interlocutor, therefore, you appear to have frightened him off.
"Emeritus Professor of Lockerbie Studies"[7]


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