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(Deep state operative)
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Not your average world leader...
Born27 August 1986
Vienna, Austria
Alma materNone
Parents • Elisabeth Döller
• Josef Kurz
Member ofEuropean Council on Foreign Relations, European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation
PartyAustrian People's Party
Austria's youngest-ever Chancellor and World Economic Forum favourite. Was revealed in 2021 to be running a deep state faction named "Die Familie" or The Family skilled in all facets of power grabs.

Employment.png Chancellor of Austria

In office
7 January 2020 - 11 October 2021
Succeeded byAlexander Schallenberg

Employment.png Chancellor of Austria

In office
18 December 2017 - 28 May 2019

Employment.png Austria/Minister of Foreign Affairs

In office
16 December 2013 - 18 December 2017

Sebastian Kurz was the Chancellor of Austria since January 2020, a position he previously held from December 2017 to May 2019. Kurz has also been chairman of the Austrian People's Party since May 2017. Per 2021, Kurz was the youngest head of government in the world, and first elected to the post aged 31, the youngest chancellor in Austrian history. In 2021, Kurz became compared to Frank Underwood of TV-show House of Cards,[1][2] for being described as a ruthless & cunning mastermind in a deep state faction named "Die Familie" after a corruption raid exposing this network. Kurz resigned days later.[3][4]

Since leaving office, he accepted a job for the deep state billionaire Peter Thiel,[5]. Presumably for services already rendered, Kurz will be a "global strategist" at Thiel Capital, starting in the first quarter of 2022.[6]

Official narrative

Although never having finished with any college or university degree, Kurz is named "highly eloquent", "succinct", and "everything but sheepish"[7], Time named Kurz one of the next generational leaders - not mentioning the World Economic Forum link[8], with the financial times comparing him to Matteo Salvini and Donald Trump, warning Austria would go the same route as 1930s America.[9]

Deep state connections

Kurz meets Klaus Schwab at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos[10]

Coming to power just before the Covid-19 deep event, he introduced draconian lockdowns and other related policies. Of strong relevance is that he on January 24, 2020, Kurz took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos, a central meeting just before COVID-19 deep event. There, he met with founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.[11]

He also met Alexander and George Soros in Munich on Feb. 17, 2020. Kurz is a prominent member of the Soros financed think tank European Council on Foreign Relations. Kurz also maintains regular contact with Soros.[12]

The Family

In October of 2021. Austrian police raided Kurz his office for corruption suspicions, with Austrian CCM revealing a tight knit between several newspapers, with Kurz being suspected of falsifying the Austrian election process by steering - and in one case explicitly making up - opinion polls and questionnaires. The phones of 10 political associates of Die Familie were found by coincidence finding signs of bribing media after seemingly eliminating other members of Kurz his party, and other members of the Austrian government.


Events Participated in

Munich Security Conference/202218 February 202220 February 2022Germany
WEF/Annual Meeting/201620 January 201623 January 2016World Economic Forum
Attended by over 2500 people, both leaders and followers, who were explained how the Fourth Industrial Revolution would changed everything, including being a "revolution of values".
WEF/Annual Meeting/201717 January 201720 January 2017World Economic Forum
2950 known participants
WEF/Annual Meeting/201922 January 201925 January 2019World Economic Forum
WEF/Annual Meeting/202021 January 202024 January 2020World Economic Forum
This mega-summit of the world's ruling class and their political and media appendages happens every year, but 2020 was special, as the continuous corporate media coverage of COVID-19 started more or less from one day to the next on 20/21 January 2020, coinciding with the start of the meeting.
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