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DiedOctober 2003 (Age 60)
Calvine, Perthshire
Cause of death
"car accident"
Defense lawyer at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda killed after attempting to expose CIA control over the tribunal

Andrew McCartan was "Scotland's foremost military lawyer", andd a defense lawyer at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)[1] He died in a 2003 "accident", when his car drove over a cliff.

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

In 2003, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) discharged McCartan as lead Counsel of defendant Joseph Nzirorera "after having found evidence of inflation of legal bills and other financial irregularities", having "inflated his bills of October and November 2000 and did provide his Legal Assistant with pre-signed blank forms for submission and re-imbursement of expenses".[2]

McCartan appealed against the decision, and told IRIN that he denied the charges, "in as strong a manner as is possible". Referring to the manner in which he had been dismissed, he said: "Where was the investigation? Why were the accusations not put to me?"[3]

Christopher Black told how McCartan had tried to confront Bill Clinton about the US role in Rwanda and "had information about how the US military and the CIA had penetrated the tribunal, and was going to send me some documents. Two weeks later he kicked out of the tribunal. A week after that he died, his car went off a cliff in Scotland, the police have no evidence of what caused his car to go off the cliff.[4][5]

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