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(salesman, Business Plot/Premature death)
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DiedMarch 1935
Cause of death
Victim ofPremature death
Perpetrator ofThe Business Plot
The front man for the Business Plot, reportedly died of pneumonia due to exhaustion the next year.

Gerald C. MacGuire approached General Smedley Butler to recruit him as the front man to lead an army of 500,000 men on Washington D.C. to take over from Franklin D. Roosevelt. Referred to as the "Business Plot", this never transpired because Butler blew the whistle on the plot. MacGuire was asked about his role in the plot.


MacGuire was a bond salesman.


Gerald MacGuire first met Smedley Butler on 1 July 1933.[citation needed] He met several more times, gradually revealing more of the Business Plot. Butler was secretly appalled but played along with him.

In the first half of 1934 he travelled to Europe and sent postcards to Smedley Butler.

Dickstein Commitee

MacGuire was the only one of the conspirators called to testify before the HUAC. He denied the charges.


MacGuire's death was officially ruled as pneumonia exacerbated by his weakened constitution due to being charged in the hearings.


Caitlin Russell of MuckRock carrier out a FOIA request for "Any FBI file mentioning Gerald C. Macguire, died March 25, 1935" and was twice told "No Responsive Documents". However, he was mentioned in documents given in response to her FOIA request #1374454-000.[1]


An event carried out

The Business PlotA military takeover of the USA planned by The Money Trust. Never enacted due to the character of the man they ill advisedly chose to head it Smedley Butler, who foiled the plot and decreased the group's influence.


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Document:MacGuire Denies Butler Chargesreport20 November 1934What was to become the US Deep state promoted official narrative of the Business Plot, that it never happened.
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