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Employment.png Director


The term director is a title given to the senior management staff of businesses and other large organisations.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

John Ashton28 September 2022
Aline Delawa26 June 2020
John Ashton30 April 2020
Tim Godwin20 December 2019
Morgan McSweeney19 October 20186 April 2020
Morgan McSweeneyJune 2017
Tristram HuntJanuary 2017
John Lough2016
Richard WaltonJanuary 2016
Nigel Oakes23 October 2015
Jānis SārtsJuly 2015
Sarah Green27 February 2015
Nigel Oakes4 February 2015
Nigel Oakes4 February 2015
Richard AngellNovember 2014
Geoffrey Tantum3 December 201331 March 2014Resigned
Patrick Vallance1 September 201331 March 2018
Geoffrey Tantum14 March 201330 June 2013
Gideon FalterJanuary 2012
Mala Gaonkar22 November 2011
Gerard RyleSeptember 2011
Clarence MitchellFebruary 2011February 2015
Clarence MitchellMay 2010June 2011
Alan Blumenthal2010
John Ashton13 June 2009
Alessandro VanzettoJune 2009July 2018
Dominic Barton20092018
Christopher Steele2009
Bernard Squarcini2 July 200830 May 2012
Mark Huband2008
Rob McCusker20082015
Bernard Squarcini28 June 20072 July 2008
Stephen KappesNovember 2005June 2006
A. B. KrongardJuly 2005May 2006
Clarence MitchellJuly 200518 September 2007
John Ashton8 January 2005
Richard Armitage2005
Richard Sharp2005
Richard Sharp2005
Oliver McTernanJanuary 2004
Tim Allan2004
Shami ChakrabartiSeptember 2003March 2016
Michael FosterJuly 2003March 2006
Aaron Weisburd2003August 2014
Geoffrey Tantum20 February 20028 February 2005
Barrie Gane20022006
Daniel Lafayeedney23 July 200124 November 2010
Andrew MillsJanuary 2001June 2006
Jens Stoltenberg20012005
Andrew MillsJanuary 2001June 2006
... further results
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