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(Politician, Spook?)
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Member ofLabour Party/Future Candidates Programme/2021 to 2022
Interests • Israel lobby
• Zionism
Future Labour MP?

Employment.png Councillor for Whetstone Ward

In office
May 2022 - Present
EmployerBarnet Council

Employment.png Public Affairs Manager

In office
January 2019 - Present
EmployerHolocaust Educational Trust

Employment.png Jewish Labour Movement Director

In office
August 2016 - December 2018

Employment.png Public Affairs Officer

In office
September 2015 - August 2016
EmployerIsraeli embassy

Employment.png President Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
Jun 2014 - Jun 2015
EmployerUnion of Jewish Students

Ella Rose is a Labour Party local councillor and the former Director of the Jewish Labour Movement and an ex-employee of the Israeli embassy in London.[1] She is now Public Affairs Manager with the Holocaust Educational Trust, equalities officer with the JLM and an activist prominent in the promotion of Israel and its interests inside the UK Labour Party.

Since infamy in the documentary, she has become involved in LGBT Labour organisation. In December 2021, she was made a Labour candidate for the 2022 local elections, where Labour took control of Barnet London Borough Council for the first time ever.[2] She was elected in Whetstone Ward.[3][4]

Israel lobby

Ella Rose featured in the 2017 Al Jazeera documentary 'The Lobby'.[5]

Threatening Jackie Walker

On 15 October 2021, Luqman Khan tweeted:

"Here is Ella Rose of #Labour Party allegedly verbally threatening violence against Black woman Jackie Walker. Others have been expelled for Less." The Al Jazeera video reported Ella Rose as saying she had done Krav Maga, a hand to hand combat technique developed by the Israeli military, and "would take the tiny (5ft 2in) Jackie Walker".[6]

Future Labour candidate

In October 2021, Ella Rose was selected for Labour Party/Future Candidates Programme/2021 to 2022.[7]


On 15 October 2021, Donahue Rogers tweeted:

"Congratulations to Ella Rose, former Israeli embassy employee and star of Panorama and 'The Lobby' who has been accepted on to Labour's ‘Future Candidates Programme’"[8]


Responding, Eoin Christoffersen tweeted:

Replying to @DonahueRogers "Presumably a recipient of some of that £700,000 of members money that Starmer needlessly threw at the Panorama 'whistleblowers'. Also, mentioned in "Labour Leaks",[9] so possibly one of the 27 suing Labour for the data leak."[10]

Video evidence

Jeremy Newmark, Ella Rose and Mark Regev in October 2016

In reply, JennyD (OriginalKooLaLa) cited a video tweeted by Al Jazeera Investigations dated 16 July 2019:

[4] "Here’s JLM’s then director & former Israeli embassy employee Ella Rose, calling her critics 'f***ing anti-Semites'. Ofcom agreed that our secret filming of her was in the public interest. Last week @BBCPanorama presented her as an unnamed whistleblower. #IsLabourAntiSemitic"[11]

Fit and proper person?

To which SetSpeed responded:

Replying to @OriginalKooLaLa and @DonahueRogers "The absolute state of her. If the Labour Party thinks she's a fit & proper person to put forward as a candidate then they have serious, serious problems."[12]


In May 2022, she was elected a Labour councillor in Barnet. She said that Labour is no longer anti-Semitic like it was under Jeremy Corbyn.[13]