Gunpowder Plot

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Event.png Gunpowder Plot (false flag?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Gunpowder Plot conspirators.jpg
Date5 November 1605
LocationLondon,  England
DescriptionAn attempt to blow up the UK parliament — possibly a false flag.

The Gunpowder Plot was an attempt to blow up the UK parliament. It was compulsory to observe it in the UK until 1859.[1]

Official narrative

Guy Fawkes tried to destroy the UK parliament by igniting kegs of gunpowder underneath the UK parliament.


The official narrative has raised numerous concerns.[1]

Cultural references

In the UK bonfires are lit on November 5, and effigies of Guy Fawkes are often thrown upon it.

The film V for Vendetta references the plot.


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