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(soldier, spook, propagandist, deep state operative)
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BornDaniel Edney
Alma materUniversity of Aberdeen, San Diego University
Children • Hector Lafayeedney
• Jean-Louis Lafayeedney
Founder ofInstitute for Statecraft, UK/Council on Foreign Relations
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, UK/Council on Foreign Relations
Interests • “radicalisation”
• “Russian Propaganda”
UK Deep state operative. Director of both the II and its parent group the Institute For Statecraft. Two children also in the IfS.

Employment.png Institute For Statecraft/Director

In office
1 September 2017 - 14 February 2020

Employment.png Integrity Initiative/Director

In office
8 November 2011 - Present

Employment.png Active Change Foundation/Director

In office
18 November 2014 - 6 October 2017

Employment.png Institute For Statecraft/Director

In office
23 November 2006 - 8 November 2011

Employment.png Secretary Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
18 April 2007 - 24 November 2009
EmployerCleveland Regeneration Ltd

Employment.png Director

In office
23 July 2001 - 24 November 2010
EmployerCleveland Development Company Ltd

Daniel Lafayeedney is co-founder of the Integrity Initiative and a director of both the II and its parent group the Institute For Statecraft. He was a director of the Active Change Foundation for almost 3 years. He appears to be a UK Deep state operative whom the IfS website was reporting as heading up The Atlantic Committee of the UK as of December 2018.[1]


The University of Aberdeen gave Daniel Lafayeedney a degree in Scots Law.


Dan Lafayeedney "has wide experience in international affairs, working with both the UK and foreign Governments. As Senior Associate Fellow at the Advanced Research and Assessment Group at the Defence Academy of the UK (2004- 2010) he specialised in the development and implementation of capacity-building projects for high-level governance of the security sector in European and middle-Eastern countries, and in supporting the development of counter-radicalisation programmes for at-risk ethnic communities in the UK. His military service, legal background and career as an entrepreneur have given him an understanding of the importance of the link between business and national security."[2]

Institute for Statecraft

Full article: Rated 5/5 Institute for Statecraft

Dan Lafayeedney was reported as heading up The Atlantic Committee of the UK as of December 2018, the aims of which were reported as

* Improve understanding of NATO within the UK, giving particular attention to legislators, policy makers, opinion formers, educators, minority communities and youth.

  • Advance the adaptation of NATO to enable it to remain fit for purpose in the face of radical global change
  • Enhance the ability of NATO, the UK, and other NATO members and partners, to understand and to engage in hybrid conflict (hypercompetition), generating and employing all forms of power in their defence.



Dan Lafayeedney's son by his first marriage, Jean-Louis Lafayeedney‎‎[4] was a fellow director of the Institute For Statecraft for 8 years. Another son, Hector, was an IfS research fellow.[5]


“The UK is currently going through very rapid and profound social change and needs itself to pay more heed to the role the Armed Forces can play in helping to solve social problems.”
Daniel Lafayeedney (28 March 2013)  [6]



A Document by Daniel Lafayeedney

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:China’s Strategy towards Europe: Implications and Policy Recommendations for EU Securityanalysis, policy recommendations26 December 2018China
21st century