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Teddy Ryan working at the East of England Labour Party to undermine Jeremy Corbyn
Alma materLondon Oratory School

Teddy Ryan is a Labour Party official employed by the East of England Labour Party as the Deputy Regional Director.[1]

Copeland by-election

Teddy Ryan was drafted to assist the 2017 Copeland by-election campaign and ensure that the result reflected badly upon Jeremy Corbyn.[2]When Tory Trudy Harrison was elected with 13,748 votes (44.3%) and Labour's Gill Troughton came second with 11,601 (37.4%), the mainstream media predictably put the blame entirely on Jeremy Corbyn even though had Labour maintained the 42.3% of the vote that was enough for Jamie Reed to win in 2015, it would still have been beaten by the Tories in the 2017 by-election. The real story in Copeland is the collapse in the UKIP vote which fell from 15.5% in 2015 to just 6.5% (2,025 votes) in 2017. This 9% fall in the UKIP vote share is almost exactly matched by the Tories 8.5% increase. Those statistics show that Ukippers are abandoning their party in droves in order to throw their support behind the Tories now that Theresa May is pushing a rabidly right-wing authoritarian more-UKIP-than-UKIP political agenda.[3]

Social media

His political friends on Facebook are overwhelmingly Blairite:


On Twitter Teddy Ryan retweeted the Jewish Labour Movement's "Confronting Antisemitism & Engaging Jewish Voters" campaign to undermine the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.[4]


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