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"The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014-2019" is the title of a report commissioned by the party's General Secretary Jennie Formby, written in March 2020 and leaked via the Internet on 12 April 2020.[1]

On 22 April 2020 Socialist Campaign Group member Richard Burgon posted on his Facebook page a statement expressing concerns about the leaked Labour Party report and calling for swift action to be taken by the National Executive Committee against those found to have undermined Labour's General Election campaign:

"I've added my name to this statement from members of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs ahead of tomorrow's Labour Party NEC meeting.
"This outlines the steps we want to see from the investigation into recent allegations about senior party officials."[2]


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Document:That Leaked Labour Party Reportblog post20 April 2020Craig MurrayThat Leaked Labour Party Report proves conclusively that Sam Matthews’ allegations of unwarranted interference from Corbyn’s office to block anti-semitism action are malicious lies.
Document:The shortcomings of the EHRC ReportStatement6 November 2020Jewish Voice for LabourThere are just 12 mentions of Jeremy Corbyn in the EHRC report, of which only two concern actions taken by him. It is reprehensible not to distinguish between actions taken by individuals supportive of Corbyn and those taken by people hostile to him – such an omission leads to the impression that all failings were Corbyn’s responsibility.
Document:Whatever happened to ‘due process’?Article21 November 2020Hilary WiseStarmer’s reaction suggests he will continue to pursue a course which he somehow sees as politically expedient. History tells us it risks leading the party into the most dangerous kind of authoritarianism.
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