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An U.S. enormous ammunition storage in Italy with ties to Gladio, arming of CIA black armies, and connected to the sinking of the passenger ferry Moby Prince

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(Military Base)
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Camp Darby (also known as Darby Military Community) is a large United States military complex in Italy.


It is located near Pisa airport and the seaport of Livorno in Tuscany, close to train lines, and also connected to the sea via the Navicelli Canal. The base was founded in 1951 thanks to an agreement between Italy and the United States which delivered a thousand hectares of Tuscan pine forest to the American army for the construction of the military base.

The United States continuously supplies the 125 bunkers of Camp Darby with over a million artillery shells, bombs for aircraft, and missiles, plus thousands of tanks, vehicles and other military equipment in these bunkers (according to approximate estimates)[1]. The base also stores nuclear weapons.

Officially it has for many years been supposed to get a reduction in staffing, but the camp just keeps getting bigger.

During both Iraq Wars (1990, 2003), US troops were primarily supplied from Camp Darby. Since Italy is ideally suited as a supply base for military operations in the Middle East[2], the military depot became of increased strategic importance after the events of September 11, 2001.

Dark activities

Although it is under formal Italian military control and can be managed anytime by Italian authorities (as Wikipedia makes sure to point out), it is covered by extraterritoriality.

The base was mentioned as of interest in the investigations of the Italian judges Felice Casson and Carlo Mastelloni into the Gladio network.

Ferdinando Imposimato, honorary president of the Supreme Court of Cassation - stated that Camp Darby was one of the US/NATO bases that supplied the explosives for the false flag massacres, from the Piazza Fontana bombing, to Capaci and Via d'Amelio. Darby was one of the bases in which "black terrorists, NATO officers, mobsters, Italian politicians and Freemasons gathered on the eve of attacks".[3]

Camp Darby is connected to the Moby Prince ferry disaster, where a covert weapons transfer at sea caused a collision, an incident heavily covered up.

Camp Darby has supplied numerous covert operations and militias, especially in the Middle East, including the 1991 Kurdish 'peoples rebellion' against Iraq, which in reality was a Western covert op[citation needed].



Moby PrinceA ferry catastrophe during a military smuggling operation