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Canadian conservative news website.

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"Telling you the other side of the story"

Member of: PropOrNot/List
In its own words:
"We follow the facts wherever they may lead — even if that conflicts with the official narrative of the establishment."

Main focus: Canada/Deep state, Open borders, COVID-19/Resistance, Justin Trudeau

Rebel News is a Canada based media organisation.


The Rebel is critical of Justin Trudeau and the CBC.

Coverage of the Canadian church attacks.[1]

Coverage of the 2021 Canadian federal election.[2]




It gets the full Wikipedia treatment for things that are disliked, and is designated a "far-right" site which "traffics in conspiracy theories" on news items such the murder of Seth Rich, skepticism about select other narratives in corporate media, by criticizing ("attacking") "anti-fascist activists", climate change, and writing about the the election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, "pushing falsehoods about the 2020 election".


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