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This page lists organizations and actors which are part of the global Pharma Lobby network.

Big pharma spends much more on government lobbying than any other industry.[1]


Full article: “COVID-19/Vaccine”

On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared a pandemic. By the end of the month, many nation states had instituted COVID-19/Lockdowns, which placed often unprecedented controls on civil liberties such as freedom of movement and freedom of assembly. Initially, these were granted only for limited time frames as emergency measures.

Censorship of certain drugs

Full article: COVID-19/Censorship

YouTube temporarily removed a video from doctors suggesting that hydroxychloroquine might help treat COVID-19, after which Sharyl Attkisson stated that "These are organized efforts" to control the narrative about drug treatments.[2]


Full article: Vaccines

The aggressive promotion of a vaccine agenda is one target of the big pharma lobby. In nature, where herd immunity develops, viruses evolve towards milder forms while their hosts co-evolve resistance. Once vaccinations become widespread however, the situation changes.[clarification needed]

Pharma lobbyists

Full article: Pharma lobbyist

Pharma lobbyists achieved wide exposure on commercially-controlled media, promoting pharmaceutical interventions during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


An event carried out

Event 201New York
A Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security/World Economic Forum/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored large scale simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Held October 2019.



Page nameDescription
AIDS industryAccording to critics, the HIV/AIDS paradigm, is politically, economically and socially driven, rather than based on verifiable scientific data.
Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationVery influential and rich foundation established to take leadership of global health.
COVID-19/PathologyThe study of the pathology of COVID-19 is ongoing.
Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness InnovationsWHO-mediated platform for the worldwide promotion of vaccines, drugs and diagnostics under the rubric of pandemic preparedness. Funders include NATO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Global Alliance for Vaccines and ImmunizationGlobal Vaccine organizer - a kind of “health NATO”. The Gates Foundation describes Gavi as a "partner in vaccine market shaping".
ID2020Electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity
Innovative Medicines InitiativeBig Pharma capture of EU policy making and budgets
SwissmedicSwiss surveillance authority for medicines and medical devices. Most of the members have huge conflict of interest with Big Pharma
The Wellcome Sanger Institute
Vaccine Confidence ProjectBig Pharma front group founded in 2010.
Wellcome Trust4th wealthiest charitable foundation in the world


Related Quotations

Big chemical“It's the pesticide merchants and GMO companies....they are the real decision makers. They use lobbyist to shape national policy by almost buying politicians. It's this corruption that subverts the EPA. I am not a prophet, but I can see a very dark future if we fail to ban glyphosate and all other neurotoxins and carcinogens in or food and natural world.”Evaggelos Vallinatos long time EPA scientist2017
Big chemical“We are convinced there are more than ample science to raise serious concerns over rising herbicide use and exposure, yet not nearly enough is being done to either dismiss such concerns or study them in a meaningful way. People think global warming is the biggest threat, but it's not. This is.”Paul Winchester - medical director of the neonatal intensive care unit at Franciscan St. Francis Health Care in Indianapolis2017



Clade XA pandemic/biowarfare preparation exercise by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Held May 2018.
Crimson ContagionAn U.S. nationwide exercise in how to handle an influenza pandemic. Held January to August 2019