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Group.png Complutense University of Madrid  
Escudo de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.svg
MottoLatin: Libertas Perfundet Omnia Luce
TypePublic university


Alumni on Wikispooks

Esperanza Aguirre3 January 1952SpainPoliticianPresident of Madrid who resigned after her right hand man was imprisoned
José María Aznar25 February 1953SpainPoliticianPrime Minister of Spain 1996-2004, "If Israel goes down, we all go down", various deep state connections
Enrique Baron27 March 1944SpainPolitician
Spanish politician, economist, and lawyer.
Pedro Baños1960SpainSpook
A Spanish soldier and academic scheduled to become Director of the Spanish Department of Homeland Security but who was passed over after influence was applied by the Integrity Initiative.
Josep Borrell24 April 1947Spain
PoliticianSpanish Euro-politician in the forefront of a censorship drive. Attended his first Bilderberg in 2023
Guido Brunner27 May 19302 December 1997Spain
PoliticianAttended the 1980 Bilderberg as European Commissioner for Energy Research and Science
Juan Luis Cebrián30 October 1944SpainEditor
Media mogul
Spanish media mogul with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Miguel Cuyaubé8 June 1951SpainDiplomat
Attended the 2009 Bilderberg as Spain's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Guillermo de la Dehesa9 July 1941SpainPolitician
Politician, then Goldman Sachs/International Advisors, Group of Thirty, Double Bilderberg
Carlos March Delgado1940SpainFinancierSpanish banker and heir to the March family fortune. Grandson of Juan March. Chairman of the Spanish Group of the Trilateral Commission
Rodrigo de Rato Figaredo18 March 1949SpainPoliticianBilderberg 1992, 1994, 2005 and 2007, embezzler, money laundering, IMF managing director, Panama Papers
Federico Trillo Figueroa23 May 1952SpainDiplomat
Spanish diplomat and politician, Opus Dei.
Miguel Sebastián Gascón13 May 1957SpainPolitician
Mooted for several top positions in the new PSOE government around 2005.
Matías Rodríguez Inciarte23 March 1948SpainBanker
Deep politician
Former Bilderberg Steering committee, Spanish banker and possibly deep politician
Pablo Isla22 January 1964SpainLawyer
Chairman and CEO of Inditex (Zara) the largest clothes corporation in the world.
Joachim Joesten29 June 1907August 1975ResearcherGerman-born American journalist who investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Mario Vargas Llosa28 March 1936Spain
AuthorNobel Prize winner in Literature and neoliberal champion
Sonia MedinaUKPhilanthropyClimate change expert, WEF/Young Global Leaders/2014
Carlos Mesa12 August 1953BoliviaPolitician
Ramón de MiguelSpainDiplomatPanelist at the 2002 Bilderberg.
Mira MilosevichJournalist
Polyglot fellow of the Integrity Initiative
Pedro Solbes Mira31 August 1942SpainEconomistSpanish economist who attended the 1999 and 2009 Bilderbergs
Federico Silva Muñoz28 October 192312 August 1997SpainPolitician
Miguel Fernández Ordóñez3 April 1945SpainPolitician
Spanish central banker. Promoter of Central bank digital currency
Julián Santamaría Ossorio194031 December 2020SpainDiplomat
Political science
Spanish opinion poll maker who helped the 'Yes' campaign in 1986 referendum on NATO membership by using his opinion polls for propaganda purposes. Then became Ambassador to the United States. Attended Bilderberg/1987.
Loyola de Palacio16 September 195013 December 2006SpainPoliticianSpanish politician who attended the 2004 Bilderberg
Ignacio Polanco5 November 1954SpainMedia mogul
Spanish Bilderberg TLC media mogul
Eduardo Serra Rexach19 December 1946SpainPolitician
Deep state operative
Spanish Minister of Defence 1996-2000, joined the Integrity Initiative Spanish Cluster
Juan Tomas de Salas30 April 193822 August 2000Spain
JournalistLiberal Spanish journalist and editor. His magazine was one of the most prestigious and widely read liberal publication in Spain during the Spanish Transition in the late 1970s.
Miguel Boyer Salvador5 February 193929 September 2014SpainPolitician
Javier Solana14 July 1942SpainPoliticianBilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO.
Ignacio Camuñas Solís1 September 1940SpainPolitician
Spanish politician and editor
Juan Carlos I of Spain5 January 1938SpainKing
Pedro Sánchez29 February 1972Politician
Spanish Prime Minister whose first task in the position was meeting with George Soros. In 2018 yielded to pressure from the Integrity Initiative.
José Ignacio Torreblanca20 December 1968Journalist
Spanish journalist, member of the Integrity Initiative. Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations Office in Madrid
Jaime Carvajal y Urquijo9 June 1939SpainLawyer
Deep state operative
Spanish Bilderberg steering committee member. Close to king Juan Carlos. Trilateral Commission.
Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo15 February 1942SpainDiplomatHeptabilderberger Spanish secretary of State
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