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A US private university with multiple campuses

Antioch University is a private university with multiple campuses in the United States and online programs. Founded in 1852 as Antioch College, its first president was politician, abolitionist, and education reformer Horace Mann. It changed its name to Antioch University in 1977 to reflect its growth across the country into numerous graduate education programs. It now operates four campuses located in three states, as well as an Online division and the Graduate School of Leadership and Change.[1] All campuses of the university are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.[2] Campuses are located in Los Angeles, California; Santa Barbara, California; Keene, New Hampshire; and, Seattle, Washington. Additionally, Antioch University houses two institution-wide programs, the Graduate School of Leadership and Change[3] and Antioch University Online.[4] Antioch University suspended operations of Antioch College in 2008, and later sold the campus and a license to use the name "Antioch College" to a new and independent non-profit corporation in 2009. Since then, the college has had no affiliation with the university.[5]


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