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Richard Pipes 2004.JPG
Born 1923-07-11
Cieszyn, Poland
Nationality American
Alma mater Cornell University, Harvard University
Religion Jew
Children Daniel Pipes
Spouse Irene Eugenia Roth
Member of Team B
Interests Russian Revolution

Richard Pipes is a right wing historian and politician who has been credited with "shaping the Reagan administration's aggressive approach to the Soviet Union"[1]. His son, Daniel Pipes, is the director of the Middle East Forum.

Because of his opposition to the Soviet Union, Richard Pipes was chosen to head Team B during the Ford administration in order to provide an alternative analysis of the existing National Intelligence Estimates.

Conservatives argued that the National Intelligence Estimates had underplayed the military threat posed by the Soviet Union. According to author Anne Cahn in her article, "Team B: The Trillion Dollar Experiment", "Team B reports became the intellectual foundation of 'the window of vulnerability' and of the massive arms buildup that began toward the end of the Carter administration and accelerated under President Reagan"[2].


Coalition for a Democratic Majority | Team B | Committee on the Present Danger | Consortium for the Study of Intelligence | Committee on the Present Danger | Heritage Foundation | Hudson Institute | Harvard University | Harvard University Russian Research Center | Council on Foreign Relations | Freedom House | Benador Associates [3]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/198115 May 1981 - 17 May 1981Palace Hotel
Bilderberg/198214 May 1982 - 16 May 1982Sandefjord
Rica Park Hotel
Colloquium on Analysis and Estimates30 November 1979 - 1 December 1979
Colloquium on Clandestine Collection30 December 1981 - 31 December 1981
Colloquium on Counterintelligence24 April 1980 - 26 April 1980
Colloquium on Intelligence and Policy9 November 1984 - 10 November 1984
Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism2 July 1979 - 5 July 1979Jerusalem


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