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A list of Finnish Bilderberg participants

64 Finnish visitors have attended the Bilderberg.

Krister AhlstromFinland29 August 1940Finnish businessman
Esko AhoFinland20 May 1954Attended the 1994 Bilderberg as Prime Minister of Finland
Martti AhtisaariFinland23 June 193710th President of Finland, UN Commissioner for Namibia, 3 Bilderbergs
Matti AlahuhtaFinland22 June 1952Finnish businessman
Matti ApunenFinland20 August 1960Hexabilderberg Finnish business magnate
Anne BernerSwitzerland
16 January 1964Single Bilderberger Finnish politician. Now works for the Wallenberg family.
Antti BlåfieldFinland22 June 1953Finnish double Bilderberg
Fredrik CastrénFinland6 November 19289 December 1998Finnish businessman who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the early 1980s
Casimir EhrnroothFinland6 April 19318 July 2015Finnish financier, Bilderberg 1989. One son also a Bilderberger
Georg EhrnroothFinland27 July 192617 October 2010Right-wing and anti-communist politician. Part of the patrician Ehrnrooth family, which has several Bilderbergers.
Henrik EhrnroothFinland1969Big money second generation Finnish Bilderberger
Ralph EnckellFinland13 May 191318 May 2001Finnish diplomat. President Uhro Kekkonen's chief adviser on international politics.
Aatos ErkkoFinland16 September 19325 May 2012Finnish multi millionaire publisher
Olli HeinonenFinland
Olli-Pekka HeinonenFinland25 June 1964Finnish politician and civil servant. Bilderberg boost in 2011, when he became Prime Minister's state secretary.
Eero HeinäluomaFinland4 July 1955Transatlantic Finnish politician. Groomed as successor Prime Minister, but failed in elections.
Antti HerlinFinland14 November 1956Multi-billionaire Finnish businessman
Seppo HonkapohjaFinland7 March 1951Finnish economist
Tankmar HornFinland16 August 192416 March 2018Finnish diplomat and businessman. Deep state father.
Sirkka HämäläinenFinland8 May 1939Attended the 1994 Bilderberg as Governor of Bank of Finland. Trilateral Commission.
Jukka HärmäläFinland15 October 1946One of the key players in the Finnish economy. As CEO arranged for one of the largest and most unsuccessful acquisitions in Finnish economic history, with a loss of EUR 5 billion. He also enjoys the largest pension in Finland.
Jaako IhamuotilaFinland25 November 1939One of the most influential business leaders of his time in Finland
Jaakko IloniemiFinland30 May 1932Bilderberg Steering committee, Finnish Ambassador to the US
Max JakobsonFinland30 September 19239 March 2013Source of information for the CIA and close advisor of President Uhro Kekkonen
Mirja Jarimo-LehtinenFinland"Local organiser" for the 1994 Bilderberg. Also "in attendance" at the 1994 Bilderberg.
Ole JohanssonFinland16 June 1951Finnish businessman
Jacob von JulinFinland23 July 19061 June 1986Finnish industrialist who went to the 1971 Bilderberg
Atte JääskeläinenFinland2 August 1965Participated in Bilderberg before becoming news editor-in-chief at Finnish state television.
Jyrki KatainenFinland14 October 1971Triple Bilderberger Finnish PM
Olli KivinenFinland24 March 193920 July 2014
Sixten KorkmanFinland3 February 1948Single Bilderberger
Johannes KoromaFinland16 March 1943Director General, Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers
Jarl KöhlerFinland1935Attended three Bilderbergs in the early 1990s as CEO of the Confederation of Finnish Forest Industries
Sakari LehtoFinland26 December 192330 June 2006Finnish businessman
Paula LehtomakiFinland29 November 1972Finnish single Bilderberger
Elina LepomäkiFinland23 October 1981Finnish politician and businesswoman who attended the 2018 Bilderberg at age 36.
Erkki LiikanenFinland19 September 1950Finnish central banker, European Commissioner who was mooted as candidate for President of the European Central Bank in 2019
Paavo LipponenFinland23 April 1941Penta-Bilderberger, Prime Minister of Finland
Björn MattssonFinland
Leena MörttinenFinland19 March 1967Finnish economist
Johan NykoppFinland27 May 190628 April 199310 times Bilderberger
Jorma OllilaFinland15 August 1950Shell chairman, Nokia CEO, Bilderberg steering committee
Mikael PentikäinenFinland28 November 1964Double Bilderberger
Hanna RajalahtiFinland
Olli RehnFinland31 March 1962Attended the 2007 Bilderberg as European Commissioner for Enlargement
Reino RossiFinland19191985Finnish central banker
Risto SiilasmaaFinland17 April 1966Finnish Bilderberger and Nokia chairman
Kalevi SorsaFinland21 December 193016 January 2004
Kari StadighFinland1955
Alexander StubbFinland1 April 1968
Ilkka SuominenFinland8 April 1939
Christoffer TaxellFinland14 February 1948Grey eminence decision-maker in the Finnish economy
Teija TiilikainenFinland22 April 1964Finnish security bureaucrat working to push Finland into NATO.
Mika TiivolaFinland30 November 192213 April 1994Attended the 1978 Bilderberg as Union Bank of Finland/CEO and Nokia/Chairman
Jutta UrpilainenFinland4 August 1975
Matti VanhalaFinland31 January 194629 September 2004
Matti VanhanenFinland4 November 1955
Pentti VartiaFinland12 July 1943
Janne VirkkunenFinland
Pertti VoutilainenFinland22 June 1940
Raimo VäyrynenFinland17 April 1947
Björn WahlroosFinland10 October 19526 times visitor to the Bilderberg.
Klaus WarisFinland17 March 191418 December 1994Bank of Finland/Governor 1957-67
Gerhard WendtFinland21 November 193411 January 2010