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Founder(s)Sun Myung Moon

Not to be confused with the Washington Post

The Washington Times is an American daily newspaper published in Washington DC. It covers general interest topics and has a focus on national politics. Throughout its history, The Washington Times has been known for its conservative political stance, supporting the policies of Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump.


The Washington Times was founded on May 17, 1982, by Unification movement leader Sun Myung Moon and owned until 2010 by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate founded by Moon. It is currently owned by Operations Holdings, which is a part of the Unification movement.

Ronald Reagan

The newspaper became a favorite of Ronald Reagan during his administration.

“The American people know the truth,” [...] “You, my friends at The Washington Times, have told it to them. It wasn't always the popular thing to do. But you were a loud and powerful voice. Like me, you arrived in Washington at the beginning of the most momentous decade of the century. Together, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.”
Ronald Reagan [1]

By the late '80s, Moon's front groups and activists were too deeply intertwined with The Heritage Foundation and Washington's other leading right-wing groups to be dislodged. Having cemented relations with the likes of Jerry Falwell, funded promotion of the “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative program, and footed part of the bill for the Contra death squads, he had also carved out a new niche as the VIP behind the Reagan and Bush administrations' favorite daily newspaper — an identity that has long outlasted memories of his criminal rap. To Moon, his daily newspaper serves as a crucial instrument of propaganda and intelligence. “With The Washington Times at the core, we are establishing preeminence in the American print media,” he once said. “By doing so, we can include all fields of intelligence. Today we [are] continually gaining important confidential information, not only from America but also from other governments all over the world.”[2]


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Document:U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army studyarticleIsrael
10 September 2001Rowan Scarborough
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