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"Looty", queen Victoria's pekingese, gifted to her from the looting of the Summer Palace
year 1860


Looting of the Old Summer Palace, a vast complex of palaces and temples known for its architecture and numerous art and historical treasures, by Anglo-French forces in 1860 during the Second Opium War.

Date unknown

  • China agrees, in an unequal treaty (the Convention of Peking) imposed on it, to allow missionaries to proselytize throughout the country.
  • German chemist Albert Niemann makes a detailed analysis of the coca leaf, isolating and purifying the alkaloid, which he calls cocaine.[1]
  • Britain produces 20% of the entire world's output of industrial goods.
  • The Russian Empire has c. 1,250 miles (2,010 km) of railroads.
  • The American South has c. 4 million slaves.
  • 1860–1900 – 14 million immigrants come to the United States.
  • The first local law was passed concerning usage of drugs[2] - although the first nationwide policy would not be implemented until the Harrison Tax Act of 1914.



Pax Brittanica


New Groups

Augustana CollegeAugustana University seal.pngPrivate universityThe largest private university in South Dakota
Blackrock CollegeGroup.png
Louisiana State UniversityLouisiana State University (logo).svgFlagship state university Land-grant
Space-grant university
Expanded massively by governor Huey Pierce Long Jr. in 1930.


A Death

TitleBornDiedPlace of deathSummaryDescription
George Hamilton-Gordon28 January 178414 December 1860Middlesex
St James's
PoliticianUK PM



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Cleveland Dodge26 January 186024 June 1926FinancierThe main donor to the US presidential campaign of Woodrow Wilson.
William Jennings Bryan19 March 1860United States
26 July 1925Lawyer
Theodore Herzl2 May 1860Hungary
3 July 1904Author
Vittorio Orlando19 May 1860Sicilies
1 December 1952Politician
Wirt Dexter Walker1 September 186024 April 1899Lawyer
Rufus Isaacs10 October 1860London
Tower Hamlets
30 December 1935Diplomat
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