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(comedian, propagandist)
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Hammersmith, London, England
Alma materCambridge University/Christ's College
SpouseIsla Fisher
Relatives • Simon Baron-Cohen
• Dan Baron-Cohen
• Ash Baron-Cohen
• Erran Baron Cohen.
Claiming to be a provocateur, he reinforces enemy images of groups the liberal establishment needs to dehumanize to attack: rednecks, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Central Asians..

Sacha Baron Cohen is a UK comedian whose activities include the creation of outrageous fictional characters in movies such as Borat (2006), Brüno (2009), and The Dictator (2012)

Claiming to be a provocateur, thus bypassing what would otherwise be crude ethnic stereotypes, he helps maintain enemy images to dehumanize Eastern Europeans, Central Asians, Arabs and other "lesser breeds" in areas where the US/NATO/Israeli war machine is active.

His comedy also helps keep maintain the US liberal establishment's enemy image of flyover country United States as populated by stupid, racists rednecks similar to the ones abroad, to be contained and never be let near power.


Palestinian activist Steven Salaita pointed out:

There is a disturbing connection to be made between Baron Cohen’s Zionist politics and his willingness to exploit real communities and to bastardize ethnic imagery. Zionism, an ideology that can accommodate liberal and humanistic discourses, cannot be practiced without a concomitant abrogation of the rights of those who are not Jewish, a reality that becomes even more severe when we consider that the vast majority of Palestine’s indigenous inhabitants are Muslim and Christian.

The first rule of good satire is to ridicule sites of entrenched power, not to reinforce them. Racial satire is even trickier, for many a would-be satirist has used the cover of humor to buttress racist paradigms, something Baron Cohen does when he satirizes groups of people that are elsewhere victims of his troublesome politics.

Sacha Baron Cohen is not a maverick. He is an apparatchik of Hollywood’s most profitable brand.[1]

£3 for being humiliated

Alan Macleod for MintPressNews - 'Closer Scrutiny Reveals How Close To State Power Sacha Baron Cohen Really Is'

In showing Borat’s origin at the start of the movie Borat (2006), Baron Cohen ditched the sound stage in favor of a real village in Romania, whose dirt poor residents "were appalled to learn that the documentary they thought Baron Cohen was filming turned out to be a degrading parody" presenting the villagers as subhuman. Those who participated were paid £3 for being presented as a backward group of rapists, abortionists and prostitutes, who happily also engage in casual incest. Borat grossed more than $260 million.[2]

Random VIPaedophile find?

In December 2018, Deadline reported that at the time of the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, Sacha Baron Cohen had filmed a concierge in Las Vegas who had offered to help him find a lawyer to assist with similar difficulties. Sacha Baron Cohen then asked whether the concierge could find him an underage boy as a date and the concierge agreed. His team turned his video footage over to the FBI "because we thought, perhaps there's a pedophile ring in Las Vegas that's operating for these very wealthy men, and this concierge had said that he’d worked for politicians and various billionaires." The FBI were uninterested.[3][4]

Censorship of social media

In 2019, Sacha Baron Cohen spoke about "hate speech", calling for restrictions on free speech, terming social media "the greatest propaganda machine in history".[5]

The Dictator

Baron Cohen’s 2012 satire of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, The Dictator, was perfectly timed with the Libyan regime change, where NATO was working with jihadists to overthrow him. The movie features some very crude stereotypes. Muslims are presented as interested only in killing Americans or molesting women, while the dictator himself is working on developing nuclear weapons to use against Israel.

“The Dictator” was released just after the real-life Gaddafi was publicly executed by Western-backed jihadists, who control the country to this day and have turned it into a failed state replete with open-air slave markets.[6]

CIA collaboration

Graham Elwood - 'CIA Helped Sacha Baron Cohen Get Films Made'

Alan Macleod interviewed former CIA officer John Kiriakou:

“Brüno” was also made with the help of the CIA. In an interview with David Letterman in 2009, Baron Cohen casually stated that a CIA contact had arranged some of the scenes in the movies. Baron Cohen’s idea was to interview Al-Qaeda or Hezbollah members and show them images of homosexual sex to get their reaction on camera. The agent in question was John Kiriakou, who became a public figure after he blew the whistle on the agency’s use of torture in Iraq.

Ironically, perhaps the most shocking and newsworthy case of exposing bigotry Baron Cohen has documented has never been revealed. While in character as Brüno in Jerusalem, Baron Cohen was beaten nearly to death by an enraged crowd of homophobic Israelis, who, angered by his camp and sacrilegious attire, started stoning him, on camera. Baron Cohen was reportedly “nearly killed.” Kiriakou told MintPress that Baron Cohen told him that a rabbi even spat on him. It was the only time in his career that he broke character and desperately yelled that he was an Israeli Jew, not a homosexual foreigner. The comedian fled for his life and found refuge in a nearby store bathroom. This footage has never seen the light of day.[7]

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